Thursday , November 26 2020

The bearby council raises housing reform for housing policy

Metro Vancouver will have a relatively new brand rental policy in the city of Burinah soon.

The council unanimously decided to make a lot of amendments in the city's zoning building. Before the final vote will be presented in public hearings.

If all new mixed uses have a minimum of 20% of rental units, renters from rented rentals are likely to return to the new building for the same rent. It will also rebuild renewal development for all existing specifications, such as the city's renting zones.

Coun. Burnaby, who was the first jurisdiction in the Metro Wangkou, said, "Let's start this housing housing policy," said Piero Calendino.

This is a very bold step in addressing the rented home crisis.

"I think it would definitely have a positive impact over the years to buy all types of rental appliances, and this will provide reasonable, safe and comfortable accommodation."

"Our community was very positive," Barnawani mayor Mike Harley said, "In October last year, the election was successful and took part in a campaign to prevent the reconstruction of old rented apartments in the city center.

"There is a lot of concerns in our development community, but we believe we have the right balance."

Barnaby Mayor Mike Harley was campaigning to block the municipality's injunction in October 2018. (Tina Love Green / CBC)

The landlord lawyer community is crucial

However, groups advocating for landowners in the region believe that a balance is incompatible.

"The city is trying to wipe off the situation that exists and does not want to say anything about what happened under the previous regime … but not particularly good results," said David Hunterin, CEO of Landlord BT, a nonprofit advocate.

"[But] Let's look at them in economics and numbers, and they suggest here. "

All new buildings will require rental units – all people from old apartments & # 39; newly built & # 39; New Homes are offered in newer generations – freeze on new projects.

"Everyone is right about the Angelal Stock Stock and the removal of residents, but the fall from here only responds only on this side," he said.

"Since we have fewer vacancies in the lower line, we are not ready to make more supplies, and we will continue to stay in the short term."

The burglars for low-cost rentals want to avoid the affordable prices at the price of luxury towers. (Belling Puri / CBC)

Support for the tenant advocacy group

In a very critique of the city's former housing project, the new statement is "a good start".

"It's been long since the destruction of this and the differing attitude [former mayor Derek] Korigan, "said Murray Martin, spokeswoman for Burnabah AIR.

"When we're grateful for it, the legacy … is very difficult to solve."

The City and Special Mayors' Task Force will continue – earlier this month, giving the temporary report – additional recommendations for changes to the Burma Housing Policy that are expected this summer.

"When we started at the beginning [process]The people said, "If you are the first, it will fail," the Colombian Jordanian told the council.

"But I think our staff and the councils have taken up this challenge." We think there is something wrong and we will serve so well in the future. "

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