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The backbone of Mark Hunt and Justin Willys

Marc Hunt and Justin Willis were the faces of the pre-face.

Faces face with official hanging for UFC Adelaide. Since Hewiwat was both nose naked, Handi began to say something about Willis. Willy replied both before becoming more animated.

After leaving the stage, an important event was forced to forget the face between Tierro Pedro and Mauricio "Shogun" Rueva. Submitted radio reports, head Tui Toumis said, "Both of you will be beaten" and responded to the incident.

Pavo describes the behavior of the radio villagers who spoke for submission as "disrespect".

"It is disrespectful," Pedro said. "I know you pumped me up, but it's just like" shogun "-" shogun "is a legend, Mark is a legend, they are at the same time. [Willis] We know in Australia and we do not have a law wherever we are. "

Pedro claims that he does not know what Willis said to Weet, but "Super Samoan" in Octagon does not believe that he will eventually interfere with each other.

"It looks like I'm trying to pump herself away than I'm trying to get the mark, you do not need a pumped mark, and the worst thing you can do."

Petro and the backstage scenes explained.

"I'm back, they're trying to end the war, but you're not showing our lead horse, and we're not promising to fight in octogon, but our lead goes to the horse and tell us about our team," Pedro said.

"I realized he was going to the market," he adds. "Do not go to our team, we are here, because we are in Australia, it's probably not a good idea."

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