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The Alberto NDP is the historic economic contract in Calgary and Edmonton

Shee Anderson, minister of municipal matters

Ian Kucurak / Postmodia

The municipal council of the NDP government has introduced a new fiscal policy for big cities in Albort to eliminate the sustainability initiatives.

By passing the bill, starting in 2022, Calgary and Edmund will receive 500 million dollars to divide between two cities – a year based on provincial income and fuel sales.

400 million dollars per year for long-term transit projects through Kargon Levy. It is in Calgary and Edmonton, which starts from 2027.

Municipal Affairs Minister Shee Anderson called it a "historical" transaction. Negotiations were held for large cities in Alberta.

"In another province there is a legislative agreement with such municipalities," Andersson said on Thursday.

"Another province appointed long-term transit funding, which is a big thing."

The price of MDI's 11.3 billion dollars to the previous governments is very high. But they argue that they are fit for the current economic situation in Alborte.

Cities have an important advantage, which includes annual capital funds in the new framework framework provision law. The new financial frameworks are related to the provincial income: if the total provincial revenues have risen by 50% in 2023-24, then transfer to cities will increase by five per cent.

50 million dollars have been allotted for local infrastructure development projects. A third of the Calgary Metropolitan Region will go to the Regional Board. A third of them will visit the Edmonton Board. The rest will be awarded to other local projects.

Finance Minister Joe Cissey was the first Calgary city councilor in the first phase of the original MSI fund. He said that in 2007, Calgary had seen significant growth in cities.

But in 2022 a new agreement from the MSI Roundtool came.

Ccie said the funding model was "predictable" and "consistent" for large cities of Alberta beginning the new economic framework.

"If passed by this law, the cities will have to decide on the strength of their budget," he said. "If you know exactly what you can spend on basic facilities, ways to choose which projects are the most important for the people.

The new financial framework is a key element of the chartered plans introduced in the provinces in 2017.

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