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The 6 Things We Learned From Meghan Mark CBS Meghan Hari Plus One

Members Meghan MarkBritish journalists and historians from the royal family and the Sussex's Duke and the Duchess of the CBS News Special Gayle King And he named it Meeg and Harry plus one.

This feature, which has long lasted a new American actress, goes to a new life Prince HarryBecoming a member of the royal family is a matter of negligence (and totally unethical) focusing on the media. Megha's best friends, makeup artist Daniel Martin Actress Genina Gwannakar, Revealed their ruthless thoughts of rumors, and how the Duchess responded to the tutors and the low.

In the first year, the hurricane in the Meghan was more intimate as a king, including her reaction That's it Hate BeyonceAnd Jay-ZScrolling!

Is there any reports about the "Diva" conflict in the cloud?:

In Daniel's view, he added: "The hardest thing that these stories can hear is not there for them. "Not only that same person, I have been introduced to her over the years, the years I worked with her, she was never divine, and I know she never deserves all this negative press." Janina added, "The matrix for your own life is not bad or good, because she knows how to solve it based on a title written by someone else."

Love for Mike and Harry Just For The Show:

As Daniel says, "They love each other, it is very sincere, and love is real." When she talked about a year ago about the royal wedding, "My friend has been given a chance to look at the eyes of her souls and to get the happiness of happiness." She is at the forefront of answering her ways of finding ways to globalize, but she is not alone, she is through their soul and is strong with them. " More

Prince Charles & amp; a lifetime gesture:

Megha's father was astonished by the fact that the tablet drama about his father put a shadow on her wedding day, and she was surprised to find him in the absence of his absence. Prince Daniel's prince has lost the prince's responsibility. "The door is open and I'm standing behind it," he shared. "I'm getting her down, she saw how strong she was, how did she meet him? [Prince Charles and Prince Harry] She was blocking her. It's like that, and we & # 39; ve got you. You are one of us. & # 39; She's home. "

Welcome to Meyhive:

In a play of Beyonce fanatics known as Baihav, Megha's loyal followers and their ideals have called themselves "Meww". Queen's Bay itself is also a member since it involves winning both the British and Ji fish while accepting awards at the British Awards this year. She was reading a photo of Meghana Meghan of this epic moment, and said, in "the most beautiful emoji."

Meghaan and Harry's Perth filtering are amazing:

Although they had only mom and dad for two months, Daniel had already predicted the future of Archie. I'm confident that the baby is going to be clean and fresh, and she loves to cook and eat, and she's nourished, "said Janeena," and I think she's going to be such a good mother. She will be less protective and hands-free, if she has not been married in the royal family, in a strict fashion, but she is convinced that she is an incredible practical person.

Who is responsible for the megaphone's true warrant?:

If it turns out, she is! Gayle confirmed that Duchess is not a stylish stylist and will provide all of her presence. "She had such an inner sense of her own style," he said. "It's quite unbelievable that all this can be handled."

Meeg and Harry plus Friday at 8 pm A premier CBS

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