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Syriac calls to the French for "one step forward, three steps behind" hacked tower in a covered town hall


The rebel Tory MPP Amanda Cimor is back in Queens Park on Monday. This is a strong protest against a predecessor Doug Ford, who wants to cut the Prayer Doug Ford for linguistic service in France.

This is a town hall seminar called Saint Eisdor neighborhood, one of the hundreds of Franco-Austrian saints of the Franco-Austrianian community of communities around Emphran, Russell, Alfred, and Plantagenet.

Last week, Tory announced the transfer of the French Language Service Commissioner in the Ontario Oudtsmanan and the cancellation of a single French language university project.

Washington: The French Communications Commissioner will be replaced by the provincial Ombudsman office. The government intends to fully implement the functions of Francofin, led by Attorney General Caroline Multani.

"Personally, I think it is a step forward for moving forward three steps," said the proposal Sunday. "We will not survive within a few years if we continue to enjoy such benefits."

On Sunday, November 25, 2018, Terry MPP Amanda Cicard addressed the St. Reich's Center for Reconciliation. Ashley Fraser / Postmodia

Ashley Fraser /


The Rocky member of the Francofhene Glenari-Phekcote-Russell Zawari, who serves as the parliamentary secretary of Mulrani in the role of minister in the Francoppin matters.

"Monday morning I go back and see everything," he said. Cimard, who was expelled from the legislature last week, said.

"It's a very, very intense week, and has a lot of psychologically speaking and talking logistics and components."

The 'bold' & # 39; s bout against the cuts laid down by their own regime. Many have helped monks to congratulate MP PP for accepting the stand.

"It was a great day, and social media is now more closely linked with us, so we got so many comments," said Simard.

"It's time for us to see if we can do something with that law.

Caroline Jolin, President of L & # 39; Assemblé de la francophonie de l & # 39; Ontario (AFO) addressed the media on Sunday. Ashley Fraser / Postmodia

Ashley Fraser /


We want to put the first pressure on the redesign of two decisions. Then the law can come into the committee. I do not know if someone will make a change, but we will come to know what the next steps will be.

"It's going on very quickly, we think we have succeeded in a few words, because there has been a response from the government, this is a step now, and now we can do more."

Syndor said that he was under pressure to cooperate with the Ford government. The Toron Star report was ready to pour cold water.

Cicard said he did not intend to cut the ground.

"I do not know where I came from, it's not left without me," said Valmia's tailor, one of the reporters in the town hall.

The CMS tweeted with a single letter entitled "Resistance (Defense)" with a letter signed by 111 "francophone and francophile" advocates who opposed the government's plans.

Karol Jolin, president of Les Lesson de la Franconi, Dion Ontario, had to resign on Sunday after sacking against the slaughter.

"We just have to talk, we can talk, so we can try to solve all the problems and find solutions," said Jalin. "We need to get all the information because the French government does not understand the French Service Commission and the French Service Commission, what does this mean for the Franconone community?

"I hope we can call this week.

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