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Support for locals living with dementia – Ashcroft Cache Creek Journal


Ashcroft and Case Creek and surrounding areas have to face only a demented journey.

Alzheimer's disease and other dementia affect thousands of British colonies. But it's challenging to ask or accept a diagnosis, and families often do not know what to do.

That is why BCCC Alsismer's Society. The first link Diemense helpline (1-800-936-6033) offers with the Ashcroft-Cash Creek and the province.

In the toll free phone line, the first link will be the one who lives with a dementia helpline dementia or is a caretaker partner for anyone who does.

People are concerned about their memories, people living with dementia or with members of the public who want to know more.

Tara Hildebrand, an Alumair Society of Support and Education Co-ordinator says, "Someone is getting closer to someone or getting closer to them or getting closer to someone else, because they want to know more about warning signs and how to diagnose a diagnosis." BCC's Central Interior Resource Center.

"Most colonies are acquaintances, whom do we call them, and we lead them to services that help them to live with dementia and build confidence."

Dean Mathews Hellenine said after detecting her mother Digeni dementia disease a year later, when her mother and sister started communicating with their mother's abilities.

"We realized it was a matter to start handling," Marthas says. "We have to look for a long time and decide when we can tell us what we really want."

The helpline is a resource for people who come out of fear.

"They do not rule out all of them until the crisis comes," says Hildebrand. We help them understand how to respond to people living in Demandia. "

Ashcroft-Cash Creek Resorts, called helpline, will be linked to various services available through the Alzheimer's Society of BCC's first link dimensional support. Each stage of the journey will include support groups, community resources and educational workshops.

The first link "Changes the Journey": Live with Dimensia, and Mathews is a six-week-long series to accompany her mother.

"It helped us prepare," she says.

Madea and Madam participate in drugs. A social and fitness program for the people at the start of the illness to participate with their care partner partner.

While a person first calls the link diminium helpline, the helpline brand always says the target is always the same: "Make sure they get the support they need."

Ashcroft-Cash Creek residents who are concerned about Dementia can visit the first link diminium helpline (1-800-936-6033) or They encourage them to talk to their health providers about whether or not the first link dementia helps them.

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