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STORY COVAN: It's a new life for former Canadians Alex Galcachee


Kyotis & Alexey Galchchekki came from Sebastian Aho (20) of California this month.

Kyotis & Alexey Galchchekki came from Sebastian Aho (20) of California this month.

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Prior to joining Canadians on Thursday night as a member of Arizona Keotz, he was feeling better in his skin with Alex Galchcheshi and Maltele's media at Arina in the Jilara River.

He had a good mindset to answer more than eight minutes. He felt so calm. Unlike the manhals, he often looked very carefully to measure his words from newspapers as a member of the business. On Thursday morning, 24-year-old was rested and honest.

"I'm not going to lie, I am going to stand here, it's about another day and another game," Maxi Domi, who has faced last summer's facing Karachi. "In other teams I have a lot of friends and they are the first time they play (against them) and I spent six years in Montreal."

What was the greatest lesson Golshekchnu learned in the sixth period after the third elected in the NHL 2012?

"I'm sitting here," he said with a smile. "Not a hockey player, I have studied a lot, but I have gained a lot of maturity, and not just my career, but the life that has been done in the past six years has helped my life."

It's good to see things open when you're away from the Mountain Slalitait, with Gallicchio in Sunny Arizona. His father and sister are faced with pressure from fans, media or family members. I felt really bad for him. But when Domie Mandre was enriched in spotlighting, Gallchuchuki suffered in Arizona. On Thursday night, Domme was 14-33, plus-four points out of 35 games. He has a 3-8-11 run in 23 matches.

"I started to trade more and I do not feel extra stress," Galchechuk said. "I still want to work, I am so powerful, that's the way I look."

When the body was injured during the training camps, Gilchrist had a bad start for Arizona but lost seven successive seasons. He failed in three games this month. The 14 games left without a goal before confronting the Canadian. He has sent him from the center of the wings – the same thing happened in Montreal.

"I (Coach Rick Douchette) spoke in front of this situation, and said," I'm saying you're better on the wings and you can do some more adventure, "said Galchenku. "I'm here to win my team, I wish it was best if I had the center or Wink."

Tochet said that he really liked Galguchu and wanted to help him.

"He's a trainer," Touche said. "He wants to really improve, he realizes that I'm likely to get a better place in certain parts of his game, and I agree with him, and he's a big kid to work, and I'm working with him, a great person," he said. That's it Damn it. "

Finally, the taillet Michael Terrier or Claude would have been more fortunate with the previous goalkeeper than used by Julian Canadian. Time will tell.

Life is different for Galfischia in Arizona. At Montrealers Street on Thursday night for a snowfall, it was Sunny in Arizona – a gorgeous day.

"I'm not a hockey player, even if you have moved from Montreal to Arizona, that's quite different," said Gallchenku. "Hockey said that the game is the same game, but the game does not change, but surely Drive is different, the weather is different, but at the same time, the goal.

"It was a new beginning, everyone felt so," he added.

Is he under some pressure

"I do not know if I can use it to lower pressure, because the pressure on the pressure in the pressure pressures here, and I still have a lot of pressure," Galcenci said. "I have a lot of pressure to succeed, and media coverage is quite different, but it's not a big deal for me … There's the media or the media in Montreal, and I've been stressed to always do it."

On Thursday morning, Gallchitch looked as if he had a lot of pressure on his shoulder.

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