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Steele Webster's surprise comedy in the lame john's new makeup tutorial

Stormy Webster No need to say anything, but the little girl is already a moody YouTube interaction.

Kelly Jener And Travis ScottThe baby is almost 10 months old (already!), She has proved to be a major player of the best snapshots and videos of Kylie. On Wednesday, the Kelley Cosmetics Creator posted a makeup tutorial video on YouTube, demonstrating how Kyle's stylish and most unexpected eye copied. She was not ready when she joined the trade Asteroid Tour.

A few minutes into the video, With the warriors The star was brought to Stormi from a stop, which appeared one from one appeared.

Anyone who takes midnight snooze will definitely associate the baby.

With Trevise Song playing "Sick Mode", Kalyi Stormi launched, "Get On the Lineer's On and Stomach!" Still, "wake up" may be a generous term.

Kylie asked: "Are you staying awake?" But Stommi looked that way. She's weeping her bed?

The 21-year-old make-up has been singing a song for smoking at her daughter, but she did not go beyond that. After a few moments, Stomi should hear some words that are blurred in the "bla bla bla bla" When she gives support to her daddy her song is going to make noise Asteroid Music Program at Madison Square Garden!

At the end of this video, Kayley's little chance of traveling is how to travel with Stewi. She said, "I have our room for me and the treadmill, I always get a special room and I put all the clothes on …" But she started singing the story again. "I always have a special room for my wounds, my makeup and a course and a stomach."

When her daughter is away from her home, she does so to get "a lot of play". Kayail revealed that she was an expert pumpkin because she put all of her clothes in her suitcases before she went. The first thing she does when she watches her dress is the first thing she does.

Looks like you can learn more than Maccas just from this tutorial!

A few weeks ago, Kelly tried to teach Stromy some new words, including "Call Cosmetics." It may not be compulsory, but child actions.

On Tuesday, Reality TV star Triizzy helped with the Madison Square Garden. This was his biggest exhibition. She was dressed in the usual style – she wears Asteroid Shirt, high volts bright white orange pants. Prior to going to MSG, they were performing at the Mother Square Garden at Urdi Habby tonight by posting a picture of Instagram ".

"Stargazing" rapper can not be happy to make his family with him. He is always funny and ready to give Stomi a better life. While visiting the Children's Healthcare in Atlanta, Eugeston Hospital, she talks about her living goal of living right now. "Stomi is part of my life."

He said in the hospital, "You have cut a lot of things, so Stomi is their best life, sickness, and time."

Season Premiere August 5 9e | 6 p.

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