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Space X launches Canceled: Explosion Science hours before the blast of Elon Musk Spxx rocket | News

The SSA-A: A Small Sat Express will launch 64 small satellites. Musk, who wants to colonize other planets on Mars, has a rocket and long life. And the organs. The rocket was deployed at 1.31pm EST (6.31pm GMT) from the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California before landing at the drone ship in the Pacific Ocean. However, due to the current wind breeding range, the initial attempt by the spacewalk SSO-A from the Vandenberg Air Force Base has failed.

"Vehicle and payloads are healthy and we will announce a new launch date once again in the range."

The launch was delayed by December 30, according to the US Air Force's 30th Space Wing in Washington. Facebook confirmed: "Space X Falcon 9 is delayed due to the SSO-A launch climate."

This is the second time that the mission team has delayed. The test was conducted on November 19 and decided to conduct further preliminary tests.

If the company succeeded, it would be a major landmark, the first time a reproduction rocket was launched three times, as well as the big ride mission mission to launch an American rocket.

Falcon 9 explains SpaceX's website: "The two-stage rocket that builds and build SpaceX for reliable and safe transportation of satellites and the drop-by spacecraft.

It adds: "The first Romantic rocket reflecting Falcon 9 Space exclusive rocket reproduction requires the use of the spectrum and helps people to live on other planets."

In 2012, Falcon 9 missed out into the orbit with the International Space Station, with the Space Shuttle Space in the Sky.

Falcon 9 was successfully launched to transfer cargo from NASA's space station and to transmit cargo.

"Falcon 9, in addition to the Dragon Spacecraft, has since evolved humans into space and designed a contract with NASA, the Space XX works to achieve this goal."

He was speaking in May. "In 2017, Falcon 9 says that the world's largest rocket.

"If we do good things – we will launch more rockets in 2018 than any other country."

In 2019, the Space X Plan intends to launch a Falcon 9 mission, checking the land of boosters, and launching it within 24 hours.

Successfully launched 50 missiles successfully in Falcon 9 rocket since 2010.

Muskne added: "After this year, we worked only five orbit classes.

"We had a double digit than our last year's launch, which was our record range."

Musk hopes to migrate in red herds in her hundreds of years. He described his plan as a "backup drive" for humanity during a Third World War.

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