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Soy milk, almond milk, oatmeal milk. Spider milk

Spiders are questionable, not young.
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Milk comes from mammals. It's a beautiful thing. Our government knows it too. However, Chinese scientists record their children through nutrition. There is a nutrition in the child's nutrition. The spirals are beginning to move forward and are still drinking until it becomes more mature. Results are reported Science.

Cockshops with the so-called "milk", and the doves their young ones, because it's from their bodies and gives young people a unique food. Kokrock mothers deposit these substances into brood sec, where their embryos develop.

In the first few days until parents eat their food for mothers, fathers, and children, produce milk and give it to the baby. Potato milk contains nutritional cells under the harvest of nutrient birds contained in the milk.

Taxi gas The spider spiders that are taught here are like ants. The maintenance method for their children is different from the two examples above. The researchers suggest that the milk is a special organs that can not be converted into a food that is not able to survive.

This spider spider punch lives in cages like nuclear family. For some time, young people are stomped to the stomach, but they come home and make them more like mammals.

Therefore, it is certainly not breastfeeding, but these researchers believe it "compares the breeding effectively and effectively". Similar resilience requires: compensation for indefinite food efficiency, from killing.

The spider's milk jalobie contains a protein containing 123.9 mg / ml. That's not fast.

Science, 2018. DOI: 10.1126 / science.aat3692 (about DOI).

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