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Soviet-era & # 39; Moon Rocks & # 39; At New York auction for $ 855,000

The Lunar Sample is actually Nina Ivonovna Corolla, a widow of the Soviet space program director.

In 1970, three short pieces discovered from the moon on a Soviet space mission made 855,000 dollars auctioned.

The "rocks of the moon" are just records recorded in private hands. In 1993, the auction was bought for an anonymous American collector.

The buyer says Thursday as another private American collector, but this name is not disclosed.

The auctions that range from 0.07 inches x .079 inches (2 x 2 m) to 039 inches x .039 inches (1 x 1 m), would fetch up to one million dollars.

The Moon's samples are owned by Neena Ivanzo Koroleva, the widow of Sergi Pavlovich Correle, the director of the Soviet space program. They donated their gifts for the Soviet Union, Sotheby's said.

In September 1970, the unmanned Luna-16 was discovered. A hole on the surface collected 13.8 inches (35 cm) deep into the depth and extracted a core sample.

In the Apollo 11-17 missions, Luna-16, Luna-20 and Luna-24 missions during the Soviet Union have collected many other samples of the Moon.

Space exploration and artisans. The word "lunar sample rotten" used by Neil Armstrong was sold to the Moon's first man-made mission in 1969.

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