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When Evolution transformed humans like the ability to walk on the straight path, we lost parts of the body that we no longer need.

A 9-year-old researcher stranded in a rock in South Africa to study a new study to find a "missing connection" in human evolution.

The FIG Asterropisches sediba Matthew Burger was discovered in 2008 after he was seized by the body when he pursued his dog near Malappa fossil site in South Africa.

Following the discovery of a 2 million-year-old man and a juvenile male, the contents of the "humane toy" that are controversial in the scientific community remain. New research confirms that the species is closely related to the species Homo Among the earliest humans and the predecessors of our predecessors fulfills a vital gap in the history of humanity.

Scientists who write in Milton's Anthropology show that these 3 million-year-old "Lucy" Austrolyticus afforporation And "handi man" Homo habilisIt was between 1.5 and 2.1 million years old.

This was discovered in a study describing the new type & # 39; Oh sediba It is unique, but there are similarities to neighbors Austrolyticus africanus Early members of the era Homo "The relationship of the next evolutionary relationship."

"Our findings challenge the traditional and linear outlook of evolution, which was thought to be more like humans than a million fossil fossils than Lucius," explained Associate Professor Jeremy Diseville, Dartmouth Astroge.

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"Instead, we are seeing complex lines here, explaining how different experiments have been advanced in complex evolutionary history," he continued.

Oh sediba The study found that "two biking runs" could be spent "on the tree, in order to grow in the tree and in the protection of the hunter." The stronger theories are capable of hand and scrutiny.

"This big picture lights the light of life Oh sediba And about a major change in hominid evolution (directly or indirectly), "the Press Release was published.

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