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SoCal leukemia patients expecting twins find match of perfect donors

The body of a pregnant woman in South California, who was pregnant, went to Viral and looked unstable after a few weeks.

Following a story about the need for a transplant Susie Racket, it is possible that the record breaking users are Bon Master.

She is delivered on December 6th. The bone soil transplant which helps her treat her leukemia.

Nearly 40,000 people have been registered with the match registry during the story written on ABC 7 on November 22.

More information on a leukemia cell contribution is available here.

A bone marrow transplant is a possibility for leukemia to save lives. But in order to work, the donors need a next match. There are 30 million people in the registry around the world.

There are three daughters of Rebecca. Her sister is 50 percent fighting, but doctors say it's not enough to deal with violent mileed leukemia.

She needed 100 percent of the match, but Rabachea's mixed tradition – Latino and Colgates – made it difficult for the donors.

Rabachea and her family were in a mission to sign up as possible as possible.

The demand for people with mixed ethnic groups is especially important in the registry, besides competition and other potential.

Registrant authorities have made thousands of new contributions, far more durable than average.

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