Thursday , August 11 2022

Samsung's Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Budds have gone out of the TV market


If you have Guinness World Records in the most leaked phone, Samsung will succeed. Before we officially announce Galaxy S10 handsets on photos, videos, press renders, disadvantages of the Samsung website and even the opportunity to reserve Samsung Galaxy S10. As you know, you know about Galaxy S10, Samsung has now gone a step further, broadcasting a TV commercial featuring an unexpected handset in Norway.

Side by side The reader Entende Lucet appeared in a 30-second slot and recorded it (see above). Norway's largest commercial television broadcaster TV To fully understand your Norwegian skills you need to brush, but it clearly identifies the Galaxy S10's hole punch display, ultrasonic fingerprint reader, trim camera system on the back, reverse wireless charging. Samsung's Galaxy Bids is also making a small look and you can charge as a wireless on the back of Samsung's Galaxy S10.

Samsung does not offer the imagination of Samsung Galaxy pack. The FIG Samsung's program is expected to hear more about Samsung Galaxy S10 on 11am PT / 1PM ET, if Samsung does not reveal more time.

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