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Incade Vid, Calif – Chocolate Lidel did not give any excuse after Tito Ortiz lost his knockout at the main event of the early Golden Boy MMA show.

Eight years later, Liddell (21-9) retired. In the last 30 minutes, Farrar Ortis (20-12-1) and UFFI are the winners of the Triple League. The first two rounds resulted in "Ayman" being cooled in the first round.

Pre-Fight Talk of Lidel indicated that he was turning to sports due to the right reasons. No work was done, and then grace failed.

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Touto Ortise's first round cod lidel responds to tweezing boating

"I showed you, not right," Laddell told a news conference with journalists. "I'm in a big way, ready to go, he was good and that's it."

Liddell said that he regretted some aspects of his strategy for this struggle. He allowed Ortis to get a lot of confidence. He demonstrated a more aggressive performance at the head weight boat shop in the foreground.

Upon loss, he said the former UFC Light Heavyweight Champ has enjoyed the experience of returning to the competition. In June 2010, he resisted retirement after Franklin knockout in Richardson's UFC 115.

Video: Liddell vs. Ortit 3 promotes inside the cage after MMA fighter loss during pay-per-view

Former UFC Fighter Chris Lebanon Liddell, Oortis 3, Referee, Judge

"I was there," Liddell said. "You have to understand, I love war, I never did it for money or fame, and that's why I started from there, I was ready to go, and if I did something a little different, that would happen."

The match between Liddell (48) and Ortis (43) was first played in the UFC 47 in April 2004. .

Laudel struggled to explain his feelings to the Ortiz.

"I do not know what to say about our relationship," Lidel said. "I respect him and he comes in that ring, someone who has come in that ring, they are holding the door and the sticks, and I respect them, I respect him, show respect for the work he did, and he was preparing for war, and he broke up and battled me."

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Liddell, Orris 3 Result: Responses against the decision taken by Daro Lone Tom Loler

Before the match against Otis, Lidel said he could not have achieved success if he had no future in career. Still, he will not be loyal to the fight after some sort of retirement and does not reveal himself about what the future will be.

"I do not want to think it right now," Lidel said. "It's not the right mentality to talk about whether I'm doing or not, but I'm happy, I'm funny, so we'll see."

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