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Reservation system is sold on major routes to help


Traveling between Viktor Island and Wangkewar in the spring of 2019, tickets get discounts.

The company has not yet announced how much to announce the developments. But they will leave for Chavasven, Swords Bay, Chausseesen, Deux Point and Horseshoe Bay.

This change is part of the complete restructuring of the reservation system for passengers. This is to avoid booking from many reservation bookings.

According to a spokeswoman for BC ferries, 15 percent of these sailings will be available. Busy terminals will be increased artificially.

The vehicles are waiting for a boat on the Chawwassen terminal.

One way or another $ 10, if you bookmark more than seven dollars on these routes, at least $ seven days ago, at $ 17 and $ 21 on the same day.

Now, people who book their reserves will pay only reserved fee, then charge when they get to the terminal. BC Ferries says that if they do not require a reservation, they will lose $ 10.

In addition, the reservation takes place 30 minutes before the ship sailing. That is, wait only at the last minute.

Record of passengers, passengers

In the spring, BC Ferrous expecting passengers in off-peak time to pay their reservation, in advance, get a discount.

BC Ferries said that more people would be encouraged to avoid traveling during weekends and traveling in busy times. It is hoped to take the initiative to reduce traffic during busy times.

In the last quarterly report, the BC Bryce Board has recorded a record-breaking figure for the last two decades. In the same period, in 2017, around 700 sines were provided by the corporation.

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