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Researchers who trapped polio-like children in Canada

Xavier Downton, 4, is awaiting his first hockey hockey season before falling to Labor Day weekend. (Downline family photo)

Elizabeth Payne and Brad Hound

About three months after the polio came to a similar condition at the Children's Hospital in East Ontario, a four-year-old boy returned home.

Life is much different from what's going on September 4 at Seaworld Downtown CHOO.

The baby who is waiting to start the hockey now uses wheelchairs – believe that any doctors and therapists are temporary.

"Their mother Rachel Downton said that she was going to walk again and again and again," this is taking time now. "

Xavier is currently using only a few in his right hand. It also encourages the change of the left hand.

After suffering a Labor Day weekend, Son Xavier Acute Flucose Paralysis, a four-year-old son of Rachel Downdon, (Julie Oliver, Post Medium)

There have been many challenges, such as Xavier and his family, due to surgical mile sickness. The accident took him to Labor Day weekend.

Acquattle Flak Sid Mileytes or AFM is used to explain the weakness of one or more organs, as a result of the lungs of the lungs.

The story of Xavier comes about a new report released before the US due to a polio-like disease. Nowadays, it spreads to 31 states, killing 250 children.

Canada's Public Health Agency of Canada has confirmed. 488 cases were reported across the country. 25 of these have been confirmed.

Officers are still not aware of acute flaky maltitis (AFM), and how they do not handle or block it.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is currently investigating 170 people with AFP symptoms.

Are most patients suffering from a disease or a fever?

This event is similar to polio and is related to the polio virus. Public health officials are worried this year.

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