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Researchers have shown how physical activity begins to damage the toilets


Diseases like multiple sclerosis, & # 39; mileine habitability & nerves that are attached to insulation around the electrical wire are surrounded by protective coats. Researchers at the University of Berlin at Berlin have found out how much of the damage to this habit will be limited. Their findings based on the development of new drugs that treat multiple sclerosis have been published in the leading journal. Nature Communications.

The most common autoimmune disease of the central nervous system is multiple sclerosis. It is estimated that 200,000 people are infected in Germany alone. Multiple sclerosis patients experience visual vision and vision power, as well as an acute coordination or stroke. These symptoms occur in the brain or in the spinal cord neutroplus. The problem occurs when the body is attacked by the immune system, which surrounds the body's fibers and provides the electrical insulation. The interaction between the nervous system is weak, as it is not so effective for the Maine sheet. Researchers around the world seek new ways for the attempt to alleviate malignancy. Doing so reduces the neurological symptoms of multiple sclerosis patients. Clement's researchers moved a critical step closer to this objective.

Shari's research team decided to examine the ability to protect her body. In some cases, the central nervous system is capable of mineral damage. Stem cells act as separate molecular signals in the brain, separating the mile into a small stain cell nick of the brain (oligodendrocytes). Once the smile has been abandoned, the damage occurred to restore the electronic insulation of the infected nerves. The Molecular Signals, which are responsible for this mile reproduction system, are now very few. It has been found that C-33 L3 protein plays an important role in the development of newly eczema-designed oligondendroides, "says Dr. Sarah Kirstin Stroozam of the Charity Institute for Medical Immunology, a researcher at the Neurocure Cluster of Excellence, Experimental and Clinical Research Center The role of protein is explained in the following ways: "Chyl 3l3 protein is converted into micylinder repair cells for protein neural semen cells, which are damaged by electrical insulation. "

Using a mouse model, the research team shows the Chi3l3 levels in the brain. The capacity of the body to produce oligodendrocyt substantially decreases. However, chi 3l3 increases production of infusion molecular repair cells. The same response was made in the introductory experiment with human styles. "We hope to use this knowledge to develop new generation drugs that can be used in multiple sclerosis treatments," Dr. Stosom explains. "In the next step, we will learn more about chi 3 L3 or related proteins to reduce the neurological symptoms of multiple schizophrenic patients."



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