Sunday , January 29 2023

Red Scarf brings awareness to AIDS awareness week for national HIV


Hundreds of eight red scabs in the HIV and AIDS awareness week will be connected to posts and statues throughout Simco County.

According to Gerry Creaut, Executive Director of Gilbert Center, there are many cats and disadvantages currently suffering from HIV.

"7% of HIV infections still belong to gay people or LGBT communities," Curto said. "It's important to keep that message convincing people to be sexually active."

While there are about 150 clients, the Gilbert Center of Bari is a part of the Trans community with the Aerox HIV-positive people.

Randy Davis, a HIV infected partner in February 2015, is a client. Davis says, allowing drugs that he considers every day to live his life as he likes.

"The anti-retroviral therapy I call a pill is a healthy one-day maintenance," Davies said. "I eat more vitamins than I am eating anti-retroviral drugs"

HIV virus is suppressed in the bloodstream. It can not interfere with Davis blood. He says that the disease is confusing. That is why he supports projects such as Red Scarf.

"These campaign programs are very important to raise awareness and can help people teach," Davis said. "HIV-infected fear and ignorance is the way to prevent people from being examined."

A great message for this year's campaign is to try and reduce the risk. It now convinces the public that HIV is an infected person. More people are aware and healthy.

"It is a dangerous fact that your status is not known and can not be tested," Croteau said. 10 years of HIV infection known to HIV-positive You do not know that it's positive.

In recent years, someone with HIV infection may have taken many pills throughout the day. Each day a live table gives a better view of life to those who live in a pill.

"The side effects are poisonous in the body," Croteau said. "People are more aware of it, so they will be more healthy and they work well, they have great food choices, and you have a better positive when you look forward to that perspective."

Red stalkers will be abandoned this week in the Samko County, including Midland, Orlandia, and Brisebridge.

World AIDS Day is December 1.

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