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Red Dead Redemption 2 clothing line includes all these items

The Rextar Games officially made a veneer based on the Red Dead Ridimple. After the dress of Arthur Morgan, the game developer has collaborated with the textile company Barking Eyre, a model of dress and clothing.

Red Dead Redemption 2 from XS to XXL includes a variety of items from the pooling jacket ($ 250 USD), the water resistance available in unisex screens available. Waxed cotton and leather made, shirt features button holes and print morgan as Caller. The pocket print also includes a Rockstar logo printed and a van der Linger gang.

Other items in the collection are denim shor shirts ($ 150 USD), daily shirt ($ 120 USD), railroad shirt ($ 120), union Henley ($ 92 dollars). A ride on a collection ($ 180 USD), a large tout ($ 75), a ride with a $ 799 ($ ​​325)

"The Red Dead Redemption 2 collection adds authentic and timely detail to contemporary American styling through the Barking Eyrez, designed by Arthur Morgan's dress and introducing subtly commands to in-game designs," says Rockstar.

You can visit the Barking Irons website to see Red Dead Redundancy 2 Clothes and Goods. Shipping is available outside the United States. You can check with this Roxster Newsweek post to get more information on the apparel fabrication.

Red Dead Redemption 2 multiplayer mode, Red Dead Online, was launched this week – it included a royal mode (see embedded above). To know more about it, download the GamePot round with five key details.

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