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Razzlers & # 39; Character Test & # 39; to defeat the Warriors. Success

Torne – the first one is a ambush. To play the Toronto Raptors. They lost nine times in the first 11 shots, and within the first nine minutes they brought the Golden Static Warriors within two hours and all of the things that had ended their resistance. In the great inspection they had until the greatest test they could have, the Raptors Tone was set up.

That's exactly what that plan is. Most of the players played a video session in the morning at the Toronto Staff Training Staff. They walk through the trails, and wish that their opponents run away from the potential weaknesses. The Raptors often do not see Warriors – most of them have played only defensive champions only once. Kohli Leonard and Danny Green are well aware of this warriors, along with San Antonio Spurs, and the Golden State will play players in their two seasons.

So when Roberts team came to shoot on Thursday, Nick Nurse was the chief coach. It was Leonard and Green.

"My ears are open," said the nurse. "They were very talking and informative – they had experience over them."

One thing to keep in mind is that it's a golden state – ready to play. It started with Leonard. In the beginning, the turnover was falling on the big lanes. Tried to prevent a mid-range attempt by Kevin Durran. This was a block in the Kite lorry. A 20 meter bomb exploded in Pascal Siacen, who overcame a snake.

Soon thereafter, Leonard created a turnover again and hid in a short joke in the lorry.

"They did a good job of throwing the first punch," said Andre Igvadala of the Golden State Forum. "At home, on the national TV, that was really at the crowd – they were taking some sort of shots."

It was 38-25, Raptos.

The second was an adrenaline dump. It was a surprise after the paramour speed of the first one.

Initially, both sides were harder to achieve anything. Missed the shots, made passive passes and made trips. This will happen. If you're a Rifter, it's not the kind of energy you would like to play against a team like Golden State, which has a dozen blasts at any time.

"They're a big ball club – the championship ball club, they're going back, and they're going to fight," Green said. "If things do not move, you have to find ways to get out of that fan, get out of the roads, maintain good energy, and make some successful plays." Successful theater plays a game. "

The golden stadium has done almost lorry in the quarterfinals, with a seasoned performance in one season. Or play it. The resistance ended, and he turned to shoot three inches faster to shoot an Igvodala. He quickly searched for someone else, the Warriors gently slowly towards the basket, pulling him straight down and dropping into a perfect little flat.

Half of cricket cricket can be hijacked, brutalized, cracked or lifted independently. He said the game will start soon. "If it sees bleeding, you try to stop any bleeding." There are some things we can do to help and help everyone. "

That was 67-58 rapps.

Donnovan Bennett and JD Bunkis talk to all of Toronto's Raptors and give fans in the NAB with news, analysis and interviews.

The third is Durant. He's last played – an average of 41.7 points in his last three matches – just once.

"He's a player's human," said Laver. "He really is really, really, really good."

He came to the game, and the nurse intended to send different perspectives. You do not have to try to throw your nineteen times. But he thinks his team is designed to be a game designed to play.

"I think our philosophy will go forward," said the nurse. "Younger boys have been trained to us and at times they need some repairs to see how they can do it."

The number of these friends will be the NBA Superstars, as the season worn. Next week Jopal Ibibid, who is organizing CPA. Four days later Milwaukee arrived in the city, Genius Antiquone. Players of the two players can play off from four to seven games.

Having spent a nine-minute shift at his nine-minute drive, Leungard loses one of the NBA's best scores. Later, he did. There was a lot of luck to anyone.

After gaining just 20 runs in the first half, Durant went into complete acquisition mode and bowled to 18th in the 9th and 7th of the 7th. Half century, scoring, scoring, score, score, field, and piles have everything pushed up, but everything is not enough. Durat scored 13 points in the quarterfinals. Three Points came from the Ardham Court.

"I do not know what you can do," says Shia. "He's producing shots from the logo, it's very hard, your hard work and hard work, good players are going to make good shots."

96-88, was Raptors.

Fourth chance. After getting third on the border of Durand, I took a seat in the bench at the beginning of the last quarter. Then the nurse will be allowed to start the frame with the second unit of Leonard Reptors – he's been testing it late soon. There was a great player in Toronto. No golden state. Ropers for the capitalists need.

That was not the case. After Fred VanVleet has sold a bad pass, Jonas Jerebko has a transformation into a dungeon, and there are things growing out of there. After she had not saved three people, she was forced to call her a nurse within three minutes. On the other hand, Clayton was caught by Quanan Luni on a loop, and Anubibo scored an open three. The lead is in fourth place. Soon, it will become two.

Even Durant Gold returned to quarterfinals, earning 16 minutes. Leonard, on all ground, walked into two free traces on this space.

"It's young and immortal, and we've always had a good lead and can not keep them," said Green. "This is part of the growing process, which is an adult as a group, especially with so many young people, to recognize each other, to identify each other."

But it was always going to Leonard against Durant. There is no other way. The game was a little bit of a clock clock, with the Raptors, which led the three, went into the Durant's line. Leonard was over him. He did not bother Durran's drive. He follows outside the Durand Forest. Leoneard was a rainbow for a big shot on top of the shot, just as Durattt pulled him out of the game as a player. But in such cases, Durant is not lost.

"He put him in the corner and locked up all the way – anyway the crowd threw him down," said the nurse. "It pulls in the middle."

This is a basketball game.

Most of the time was a test. Be honest – did you think the Raptors were going to retract it? Do you believe Or did you see that story before? Do you see the rappers make a big lead, more time forced, a game drop and then they must say that they must have succeeded?

"If a team can take more time, if there are some kind of shots or anything else," the nurse said, "the team seems sorry for a lot of times and does not come out."

In the moments before the commencement of the overtime focus on the discussion in the Raptors bench. They need to come out with energy. They believed each other. They must believe in themselves.

"I'm a good touch test," said Green. "Reliable and continue to respond to each other, move the ball and find each other."

That is what Raptors did. The four sudden points of the passport and other objects were installed as a lover's assistant. Warriors tied it up and found the opportunity to take a lead, but Leonard found a turnover, saw the lorry of the transformation. He found the green triling. The three-pointer nettle of the Greek found at the bottom.

"This is what I said in the locker room – I'm proud of them," said the nurse. "Take the emotional punch in the cottage and take the breath a few deep deep at the end of the game, go back there and play the way they are."

From there, it has been defended, held, free, and free. Defending championship was a success. Got a comeback.

It was 131-128, Raptors.

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