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Professor bans the fight when discussing academic freedom in the BCC. University


A professor who has taken a stand on research in journals that has been suspended from the campus of the University of British Columbia.

In the Toronto Press, Press. In an article published by Derek Pine, some professors have published a research paper called the swine journals.

In 2010, Pyin, who taught at the Thompson University of Business and Economics, published "Small Business School A Affective Publications a Small Business School". He was not given a scholar or a university based on his inquiry in Scholar Publishing Pearler Publishing Journal of Scholar Publishing.

In chapter 16, 27 professors who are associated with research responsibilities do not need research research published by the end of 2015 and are subject to promotions.

In the meantime, the Canadian Association of University Teachers took the case of Pandey. He tried to determine whether academic freedom was violated.

In a newspaper, professors of published professions published in the canine journals have gone forth.

They will pay more for the best research awards in school education because they get a lot easier to write in publishers, so you get more time to earn extra money for additional training or teaching that teaches additional courses. Online courses, "Pyne said.

"If you think there's a lot of effort for experienced people, you must be more robust in the academic rankings."

Paine said that Thompson University University in Camlops was responsible for his research and was convicted of violating academic freedom.

The academic independence of Pine has been fully protected under the joint agreement with the Thomson River University Faculty Association.

Dr. It is not a matter of action against his own research or interpretation of his or her research for academic freedom, "he said in a statement.

Interim University President Kristen Bovis-Knossan did not need to discuss this issue and pointed out concerns about privacy, saying that Payne had not given the consent to discuss his case. On Wednesday, Paine said he would discuss his case and send the email to the Canadian press.

He met with the union from May to Campus. He also said that he has been paid unrelated to his critical feedback on a co-worker who is considered as a candidate in the university.

In his feedback, Paine said that the co-worker had investigated 12 robberies when it opened up all the faculty as part of the recruitment process.

The feedback was alleged by the university. The selection committee and the then presidents of the university are defaming a staff member who has collected them.

They said the university was banned. The university will not consider their current status suspension, "he said.

"By separating them, it can claim to be unrelated to academic freedom," he said.

His colleague Pine's issues that criticize the feedback are "nothing to do with academic freedom".

"Derek Pien has academic freedom around the world, to say whatever he wants to say," he said in an interview.

The co-worker did not respond to the allegations of defamation, and not interested in discussing research.

Davids Robinson, executive director of the Canadian Association of Thomson at the University of Thompson University, said: "A team has been formed to check whether Pyne's academic freedom is violated.

The association was formed in 1951. Courses, workshops, conferences, collective bargaining, legal support to member organizations. This campaigns on issues related to academic independence. It represents over 70,000 academic staff.

Boise-Knossan responded that the PVS union did not issue a complaint and was a fitting act to resolve disputes arising from allegations of academic freedom. Robinson responded in a letter written on November 2.

"The TRU will not participate in the inquiry you are proposing, as with the power to investigate in our collective agreement with our union," said Robinson in a letter to the Canadian Press

He describes the activities of the university, which deals with the emails and documents put forward by Pine, and the research done in cache journalism.

We were hoping that things would continue and take a long time to explain things to cope with the investigation, "he added.

In rare cases, a university that solves concerns raised by the Association associated with the Academic Freedom Association may include a sensor list, where academics are "blacklisted" by Robinson to talk to academicians there or to get any respected degrees or work.

He also said that he had mocked for a two-month unpaid suspension from July to August, but he had mocked.

Union President Tom Friedman would not comment on pine.

"Of course, Dr. Paine gets full representation from the Faculty Association, which is based on our Constitution but can not give me any details about that representation."

Marc Mersar, president of the Society for Academic Freedom and Scholarship, said that privacy laws in denial of the university are related to Boaz-Knoss. Society is a non-profit organization focusing on issues affecting academy freedom.

All professors are responsible for the rightful functioning of the community of their scholars in their criticism. This is the concept of philosophy at St Mary's University, Harrison.

"We do not know what else this can be done, but about the violation of Dr. Pine's academic independence," he said.

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Kamil Baines, The Canadian Press

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