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Prince Philip's car crash division has been removed from Ebay just $ 113,000


Way Beck Longmore.

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Dropped bays from the Prince Philip car-crash site last week cut auction for $ 113,000.

All companies that were sold at auction will go to Cancer Research UK.

They wrote, "The system is used, and the parts are not reuse, and parts of the online video are clearly visible."

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Relationship: Prince Philip warned in police

The Post continues, "It has three plastic parts shown and no glass included.

"If you want him or anything to clone, you may have a filter DNA."

The items were not stolen and users have long been abandoned on the roadside.

E-Baile issued a statement after news headlines on Monday.

"This listing has been removed from our policy related to selling profits seeking profit from our difficulties or disasters".

Connection: Queen Print Driving a seat belt without driving – The The Prince Philip Philip Car Crash

On Thursday, Philip managed to escape the accident and collapsed after another vehicle collision near the Land Rover Royal Sanding Estate.

A 45-year-old woman passenger was injured after another 28-year-old woman was injured. The nine-month-old baby was hit by a passenger.

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Prince Philip and the Queen through the Year



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