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Prince Harry Cantabel on World Aids Day

Meegan Wear

Prince Harry There are young people in the hearts of many enterprises,
The upcoming campus of the Center will rejoin them
The most important reason. World Aids Day (December 1), Charity Late Youth Lead
The radio stations in Botswana are arguing for a dialogue

We are inspired to fight for this generation
Against the virus, they can see so by way of a campaign called "radio
Positive "- five hours of talking about the epidemic of Africa
Invite fellow young people to join the movement. With the help of Sentebale
Harry's passion for short ones will be attended by participants
You will have an opportunity to talk about HIV / AIDS publicly and end your chance
Discriminations in the country.

But this is definitely the first lady, 34, did not work
Organize efforts to adopt conversations around the continental health of continents
Epidemic. In 2016, his father was the face of his father's propagation
He encouraged people to encourage their struggles. Inn
The video said: "To show us
Peace to the sons of Lesotho! [where Sentebale works] Help us reduce it
As far as the AIDS people are concerned, we are turning this World AIDS Day
No one is ashamed of their secrets. Together, we can
Suppress children of HIV-infected children and carry it to youngsters
They deserve their childhood. Many of us take up the childhood. "

Prince Harry
The founder of the 2006 founder of Lesotho Principiensis was established
The most vulnerable children in the country are ready to go forward
Lead a healthy life. For more than a decade, Diana's son has submitted a lot
He lived to focus on the immediate issues of severe poverty and urgency
HIV / AIDS-affected people – that is very close Say to his mother's heart. The first was motivation
His energy in 2004 led to his gap
After receiving a general HIV exam with Rehnah of Barbados on World Aids Day
2016 with the addition of National HIV testing in 2018

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