Thursday , September 29 2022

Pregnant Amy Stomer Hospital, Cancer Tour Date


Aamie Schumer's pregnancy is not without complications.

On Thursday, 37-year-old Hassan shared a photo of his hospital. On November 15, he met his fans in Apollo, Texas without seeing his tour. Stummur and heparosis gramdrum, or excess breakfast, but she and she shared the best for the baby.

Shuur is expecting his first child with her husband, Chris Fisher.

"Texas has a deep discomfort," she wrote. "I am waiting for these shows, I want to resort again, I am in the hospital, I'm fine, Babie is fine, but in the second trimester it does not say that the whole story is all about the tragic."

"I hate me, it breaks down," she continued. "It's a great pleasure to be pregnant but it's some bully ** Doctors and nurses love me a lot more than tattoos, they're so cool!" I'm really sorry for Texas, I'll be out there.

Earlier this month, Scorch admitted her pregnancy was very difficult.

On Friday night at the Cosmopolitan Show in Las Vegas, "I do not like," she was taking part in her second trimester. People. "I really had a pregnancy right now."

Last week, however, there was a wonderful reaction when a sonogram spotted her baby.

"Oh, dear all around," she stretched out through her mouth. "Oh my God, that's a lot of energy, and that's why I'm crying every day, my God."

Schumer & # 39; s pregnancy, watch the video below:

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