Friday , June 9 2023

Post-launch of 2 free DLC mode is available in Resident IS


After the launch of a new mode residant EI 2, the goal is to repeat the multiples of both Ghosts and Components "Ghost Survivors" mode for all players, which will be released in multiple volumes .

A notification in a notification reset can be found in CapCon's Launch Event. Ghost survivors will be released in three volumes. Mayer's daughter Catherine and US member Robert Kendo will be included in the main characters. Mode says that a new type of enemy has been included in the main campaign. In order to keep the mode fresh, it will present random games and in-game shows that will help you buy upgrades based on good performance in challenges.

Re2 will replace the original bonus 4th survival and tofu mode, giving you the opportunity to do a few more things after you complete the main campaign. The fourth surgeon brings you to HUNK shoes of special agents, allowing the tofu sumpy city to explore a soy meat for a large block.

If you catch the resident Evely before the game is dropped, check to update the world that will survive to restart our story. You can read our pre-order guide and see a guest view on the bonus to check the available bonus items.

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