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Pipeline supporters were quick at the time when Finance Minister Moran arrived in Calgary

The downtown convention center will be launched on November 27, 2018. Finance Minister Bill Monroe is speaking.

Gavin Young / PostMedia

As Greg Cup records take place after Gregory, the pro-pileline supporters in the Teles Convention Center are the only different type of rally in the block.

Plans for supporting the Trans-Mountain Pipeline project to stop federal Finance Minister Bill Mon, will be held on Tuesday.

Monroe, who arrived in Calgary to meet Calgary Chamber of Commerce, attended the tour to Hurricane Justin Toudouh last week to Calgary.

Postmodern reporters and photographers are participating in a group live event:

Thousands of people gathered outside Hayat Regency on Thursday during the Truduo of Calgary. Policemen in the Downtown Corp were wounded among the biggest public on the Calgary streets.

Canada Action, a pipeline support group, organized a joint rally in May with a $ 4.5 million pipeline project before Odessa.

James Robson, who is with Canada Act of the group, who is building a victory over the rally last week, said.

"We must go out and listen to our voice until the cabinet minister, prime minister or prime minister," Robson said.

The organizers of the Bill C48 and C-69 rejected the call "C-69" in the "most destructive" legislation in the oil and gas sector.

After political uncertainty, MP Elizabeth May, the leader of the Green Part of Canada, was a popular blast between the Federal Government Alberdi and the BCC's NDP resolutions.

The project is now abandoned after a court ruling with federal approval of the Trans-Mountain Extension.

Ken Buckley operates a small oil and gas exploration company. He participated in the protests in the defense of the federal government "destroying our industry."

"We (we) tried to send a message, & # 39; We're upset, & # 39; He said. "We do not get any love, we do not get support … we're frustrated."

Under the Trans-Mountain Treaty, the Albert Government will invest in $ 2 billion to help reduce costs in exchange for a share in pipeline ownership.

To purchase the current line, up to the $ 4.5 billion tag, this pipeline will have to increase the Oil BP in Alberta by $ 7.4 billion. The ship is exported in international markets.

Brian Wimmer will not work in oil and gas fields. He also sought to convince the Federal Government that he had to participate in the rally as a "symptom of sacrifice" and "got the Trans-Mountain Project".

"He said that at least we can give an update to the events of the government.

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