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Otto Torrento Policeman Ron Reborner appointed as OPP chief

The Osteris Premier Doug Ford abandoned the Toronto Superintendent. Renaissance Gala at Ron Tagner, 2016


Toronto: Torrento Police Station to be deployed for Ford Port Toronto resigned as commander of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) at Eto'oikoki in the Ford Family Festival.

Torneon Port Service Superintendent Ron Daverner will be the new Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner. From the beginning of this month, he was the director of the best worker.

Second, there is only RCM in Canada, but OPP has over 8,000 employees and more than 150 prisoners. Its officials conduct small communities and highways along the road. Special units are being operated to prevent organized crime.

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The former commander of the armed forces, Vince Hoxsee, retired earlier this month. Supt. In 1967, Tonsener joined the Toronto Police Service as a high school graduate. Taverner did not respond to comment requests.

Early in 2000, Toronto was the 23 Division Unit commander. Still still retains this aspect. Nevertheless, it now adds the top-level Ectocock.

This is the only news item that has given priority to the councilors in Doug Ford Town. Solve the city's law and order.

In the 2000s and 2010, the brothers grew up. Tavar army stationed in a long battle in the guns and group of 23 divisions.

Alok Mukherjee, former chairman of the former Board of Board of Toronto's police said. Taurrène's relationship with France must be maintained in his new role. "Ron [Taverner] Ford is very close to family, "he said." He and Premiere had close relationships.

Mukherjee pointed out that the previous OPP political proxies had led to criminal prosecution for those associated with the former Liberal government. Earlier this year, the Premier Chief of Staff was convicted of four months' imprisonment.

He said that if we kept the appropriate distance, we would have to face a critical challenge now. "Let me be, the position of OPP Commissioner is very important in maintaining free police force … The issue of the tunnel must be very careful [political] Direction. "

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Whether it is enough to be the commander of such a vast provincial commando to live with Toron's officer alive, said the former OPP Commissioner Thursday.

From 2010 to 2014, a career officer in charge of provincial forces said Chris Lewis CP 24. Commands commons.

He said. Taverners "felt", he said, "then the Association" OPP and senior officers who know this province know this organization is a real party. "

Ford has been promised a major problem. One of his first acts as Premier in the summer called police union leaders to say that the police would be delayed by the steps to be responsible for the previous government. In August, the government announced a new funding of 25 million dollars to fire the guns and canvas.

On Thursday evening, a government statement said. The "Travelers" were selected based on a unified recommendation on a selection committee comprising civil services and an executive search organization.

"He's a relationship builder," Community Safety Minister Silvia Jones said in a statement. "I'm sure you have a positive influence across Ontario."

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Supt. Taverners are coming to this position on December 17th.

His appointment is the second highest level assignment from the Tory Terrace service.

In October, Mario de Tommaso, the Western Staff Superintendent in Toronto, was chosen to become the deputy minister. Social Security, the Policy Division of the Ministry for Repairs, is a department which helps OPP run a portfolio. At that time, supt. He wished to hire Mr Timasmo.

Mukherjee is the chairperson of the Board of Directors in former Toronto. Taverner, a police commander with a lot of energy. But for a big police force it will be a stepping stone to get out of town. "Most superstants are traveling every five years, but Ron is always standing," Mukherjee said.

This week, supt. The toroner was publicly celebrated at the Tarantino Charity for a half-hour "community builder" work.

"Now, at the age of 51, he has worked with the Toronto Police, and Mr. Torvarner has achieved the respect and publicity of the public and other officials in his five decades of service." A statement from Jack House read a group helping children with Autism.

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