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Oscar-nominated & # 39; Black Colves & # 39; What is the director's wage?


Spike Lee appears in the photograph of Black Keklassman at the 71nd Cannes Film Festival in 2018. Alberto Pesoli / AFP / Getty Images

It is difficult to believe that Spike Lee has not been nominated for an Academy Award for over 40 years. Lee's two nominations Do the right thing (1989) and his documentary 4 Little girls (1997).

In 2015, he was awarded an Oscar for his life. But in 2019, it can change well. Best Pioneer Phenomenon Blackcocklansmann It improves by the end of 2018.

When Alphonso Correne and Bradley Cooper delivered a bicycle, the people of Las Vegas wanted to come to Lee. An academy who has attempted to correct the mistakes of the past is famous. Lee's chances are getting better. This is welcome to the 61-year-old director.

Considering one of the events in the next Oscar, Lee has established his epic relationship long ago in the industry. Lee has a huge salary as a producer, writer and director.

In the 15 million-dollar budget, the country lost 89 million dollars

Critics ranged from Cannes to Los Angeles BlackcocklansmannNobody will disagree about how this film will benefit the musical production company of Lee and his 40 acres. A 15 million budgeted film has collected over 89 million dollars worldwide.

But the unbelievable profit is not new to Lee's writing, writing, writing and directing Blackcocklansmann. It runs on a $ 6.5 million budget Do the right thing, Which is equivalent to the box office (US $ 27.5 million). In many other projects, Lee earned more than average director, producing, writing, and acting.

Other authors include the credits of the manufacturer Mo Better Blues, Jungle Fever, And Malcolm X. In addition to these revenue streams, Lee became a real estate investor. Consequently, in the housing market and his savings have improved.

Lee's assets are worth 40 million dollars

& # 39; M & # 39; In the promotional film Better Blues & # 39; (1990), Dungele Washington and Spike Lee, Universal Pictures

Lee's track record of only 40 million dollars is worth a look at the celebrity network. However, it seems that Lee's wild card is capable of buying wishes.

In 1998, just before the outbreak of real estate market in New York, Leigh bought 8,200 square feet townhouse upper east side (formerly Jasper Johns Home) for $ 16.6 million. When the value has gone down by the years, it's worth more. In the 1980's, the leak started buying more in Martha's vineyard- the value of the property was at least three times.

Finally, if the Oscar nomination ends BlackcocklansmannHis livestock is swollen. In addition to the Critics Choice Award nominations in Cannes, a Golden Globe has been approved by Lee Belt.

Anything that has happened may already be enough for a seasonal season exposure to increase the profit for his latest image. It does not surprise anyone who continuously follows his film career.

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