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Oscar de la Hoya's statement responded to the criticism of Danieu White

Donnie Whit's criticism of Oscar de la Hoya is not going to accept any response.

In a statement sent by famous journalist Stephen Friedman, Vice President White, White Batters and Current Promoter again shot him down. On Tuesday, Tito Ortiz 3 of the White Chan Lid condemned Dia La Hoya in the "UFC Unfiltoned" podcast last weekend.

In the statement, De La Hoya said, "continue with the f * sic up white."

"Dana and our success are small and threatening [streaming service DAZN] Now that MMA has brought news from a decade to try to stay relevant, "De La Hoya read the statement." Boxing was completely rejected by him. MMA fighters have now realized that they can not become wealthy and their lives are at risk.

"Golden Boy and I move forward and are bigger than ever, and try to find out how Dana F Sick up and save her own company."

Orissis London was knocked out of the first round of the Golden Boy Promotions event, and last Saturday entered MMA. Calif has a decade against the 48-year-old Lid. He did not want to promote Lidel Verdict Ortus 3 on UDF banner.

"I love Chuck Liddell, Chuck Lidley, I do not want to read bad", White said Tuesday. "Even people who think that Chackell Lidle is a far worse speaker, but it is true – the first one, last week, I heard Kokkahhead" Oscar de la wirdo "I have no place to say, I am a cucking cokehead and I have been friends with Shak Lidl for 20 years. Ittayar with a viramiccavanayirunnu Chuck Liddell. Eight, nine years ago, it was a very long time. Lidalinre fifty-year-old Chuck and business malsarikkilla. Asantustaman to make the fight against California's avasthapealum. Shyness. "

Before the fall of Ortiz, Lydal fought in 2010. The California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) won the award. She said all the necessary examinations were passed. However, Lidel did not report any problems with CSSC doctors.

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