Thursday , June 8 2023

On the Moon: Europe is planning to make oxygen and water by 2025


The European Space Agency is trying to mask the Moon in six years and water and oxygen.

The agency took a big step by signing a contract with the lure provider Provider Ariegrup. The company will inspect a one-year contract on the possibility of mining, oxygen, and water. It will be easy if you try to establish a base on the lunar surface.

The EUR 64 launch vehicle will be used. The European Space Agency has already proposed Ariegrup, a joint venture with Airbus and Safran, to develop a craft. The first test flight is expected in 2020.

Chandler's lander is from German Startup PTS (standing for Part Time Scientists) – the same group aimed at establishing the first mobile network on the moon.

Europe is not the only place to look at the moon for mining possibilities. China and India want to produce a kind of nuclear fuel known as helium 3. It will be useful for safe nuclear power and can potentially strengthen future spacecraft.

China detected the first lunar investigations in the dark side of the moon this month. Its ultimate goal is to establish a lunar base. Despite the clash again with Earth, NASA is working closely with Chinese industry.

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