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On the head of the French student, PPD hair chi to radiate allergy from defense

  • A French pediatrician in an Esteel received a serious response to a hair dryer based on a para-pennant cyst (PPD).
  • A brown-brown brown hue of hair with a 19-year-old girl's hair and three barren wounds.
  • Doctors have said that PPPs are very common.

A French college student said that the headache suffered headache due to severe ulcer.

The incident took place two weeks ago when it wanted to form itself from a dye-shaped breading based on a para-phenylinedine (PPD).

But in the long lapse of the hair, the head began to head on the head and began to rise.

A pharmacist said that the cream had been used with anti-histamines to stop the smile.

On the next morning, her head circumference increased to 25 inches (63 cm) – an average of 22 inches (56 cm).

"My forehead is doubled," says Esteela, her last name is not revealed, said Parisian. "My head was like a bulb."

The baby's head was brought to the emergency room following the head of Estella's head. Eppade's reaction is very common.

PPV is seen as a 90% head for newsweek. But since 2013 the density of chemicals is controlled.

Last night, the doctors were eye-witnesses for firing to Australia and Adrenal.

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For Eestell, this experience was unexpected.

"If you have time to reach the hospital before arriving at the hospital or not, you should not know how much breath you get," said Lee Parassen.

According to the UK National Health Service, PPP is safe for as long as the safety guidelines follow.

The organization is advised to conduct a patch test to ensure that there will be no harder response before the hair is used.

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