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Ocean mixing controls the weather that is found in a wonderful place

In September 2018, researcher Isabelle Le Braes, the continent of Greenland heals the shelf and collects water samples and measures the heat, salinity and pressure. Atlantic Meridian Overwriting Circulation (AMOC) scientists are studying. It is a distribution of heat and cool water from Greenland South to beyond Africa and the Indian Ocean.

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Leaders of the world climate is an area in the Washington-North Atlantic Ocean. When the scientists examined their first quest in these important water sources, they looked at the wrong place.

Hundreds of miles.

The consequences are not yet understood. But it changes the climate change in the worst conditions of the century.

This is known as the Atlantic Meridian Overturning Circulation. Scientists are a large sea converter belt that runs from Greenland south to the Indian Ocean and the Indian Ocean.

The hot and unsold water moves near the surface to the north and adds cool, pleasant water near the Greenland. If that water digs and sinks, the global meltdown controls the slow motion of the ocean, affecting the condition of drought and frequency. Heat exhausted carbon dioxide emissions in the oceans. As we move forward, we send in depth to cool the more hot water.

The area in which the hot water turns into the North Atlantic is regarded as a conveyor belt's engine. This is in the west side of Greenland's Labrador V.

But a new international scientist tried to better understand the conveyor belt, taking into account the temperature and saline speed across North Atlantis. Hundreds of meters were detected during 21 months, and the preliminary results were found and hundreds of miles east was found. Susan Lorzia, professor of Ocean Science at the University of Doctor, The study, published in The Science of Science, near the East of Greenland, near Scotland.

Computer simulations that can not accurately calculate where the conveyor belt engine is, are now able to do so. Larsor and many experts point out that this will not allow them to change their faith in models. Because they are generally considered precisely when examining the patterns of what is happening in the real world.

Senior scientist Tom Delt said in the Geophysical Laboratory of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration at Princeton, Newton.

MIT's Karl Wansh and other experts suggest that the study was helpful. However, if this different place is permanent or permanent, 21-year study has been adequate.

Scientists have long been afraid that the conveyor belt can be dull. Even in the worst case, it was possible to stop weather climate change. This is likely to be the end of "The Day Jewelery" due to the scientifically unfortunate 2004 tragedy.

On the basis of computer model studies, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reported that a previous conveyor belt would break down in the previous study. However, scientists in the Nobel Prize journal, at the current speed of greenhouse gas emissions, may have a third slowing down.

Conveyor Belt said that the global heat system was weakening in a study last year and that the conveyor belt had traveled at speeds of 140 years.

"The mistake about this decline continues today," Dilworth said, not part of the study. "Our uncertainty about that prediction is very high."

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