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Nissan wants to arrest Guanan because of its influence in Nissan


On May 11, 2012, Carlos Gossan answered questions at a press conference in Yokohama, in Johorama.

Tauru Y Jayakala / AFP / Getty Images

Japanese auto makers will try to reduce the impact of Japanese auto makers. Nissan has decided to retain its Renault Global alliance.

The 2016 expansion of Japan's Mitsubishi Motor was expanded by 19 years. Gosnan was arrested on charges of financial irregularities. Gossan personally formed an alliance and pledged to deepen it.

"We can return to the original idea of ​​the relationship with the winners", told the long-term Nisan executive reporter. That is "much more equal than the previous one."

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Renault's stake in Nissan Goson took over its turban and took over from helplessness. Nissan was recovered from the French, with more profits than the French. The Nissan Executive said.

The French carmaker owned 43.4 percent of Nissan. Mitsubishi Motor (34%) retained its 15% stake in Renault.

Rossa's chief executive and chairman of Mitsubishi Motors, performed at Ghosan Academy, one of the world's best auto industry executives. In the Renault, France's move to add 15 percent stake in France

Nissan CEO Hirato Zeikawa is portrayed by Nissan who was brutally tortured by Nissan. Ashihi reports that if the Nissan reacts to the recession, the automaker in Japan will be present at the court.

With the passage of the film from the film, the alliance is a matter of strong investment speculation in future forms. Mishubishi Motors CEO Osamu Masuko said Tuesday. With Ghosi's unified personality it can be difficult to handle.

In the new growth sectors like automated and internet connections, billions of investors are willing to help automate products and control the time when industries change in consumer tasks and rivals. Vehicles.

Considering those considerations, the Japanese and France governed the alliance and called for the stability when Gosn was arrested.

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On Wednesday, the alliance was ready to support the alliance. This represents the Franco-Japanese industrial success. A top government spokesperson said the "stable relationship" between three auto manufacturers is essential.


Nizani said. The advertiser revealed that he was involved in misunderstanding about the personal use of the company's money and the amount he earned for years. He plans to remove him from Thursday's post.

In the five years that began in 2010, Google made Google conspiracy to become part of a conspiracy to explain Gosnn's compensation in Nissan. Japan's 10 billion yen ($ 88.65 million) was lost.

Gos and Kille were arrested. The arrests have not yet been arrested.

Kioso News reported that Tokyo District Court decided to seize Gos and Kell for 10 days.

Japan's Nikki businessmen said Tuesday. Gosnn was granted 4 billion yen compensation in the 500 billion yen for the march past, but it was not reported in the Nissa's financial statement.

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The NHG's name does not reveal the name of the prosecutor is willing to address the sport.

Prosecutors could not comment. A Nissan spokesman said.

The Renault has been tasked with closing the Chief Operating Officer and a senior board member to Ghose. But the Board was shot dead while waiting for details on the allegations.

NSE stocks rose 0.4 per cent on Wednesday after 6 per cent drop in shares. Mitsubishi Motor's shares dipped by one per cent. Tuesday's loss was 7 per cent.

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