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Nisan Ghosn: From the auto industry icon to corruption


Eileen Gani, The Associated Press

Monday, November 26, 2018 4:18 AM EST

Karl Gosnn leads to excessive issues that may help to overcome the collapse as the head of the world's best SUV Group.

Reynolds of France and Nisan Motor Company of Japan joined the Ghosan Mitsubishi Motor Corp.

But while he is known as an industrial cost, he has spent the same benefits in the name of millions of dollars from Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi. Marc Antonette, the second wife of Grand Trinon, likes to marry his second wife, Gonzana, in October 2018. A 18th century actress, guest house cakes and sweets.

He was once a princess of France, once like a princess. It's like a dying star in Japan.

On November 19, 19th, Goshen was arrested in Japan for allegedly misappropriating funds for Nissan Motor Co. It is suspected to have earned 44 million dollars in five years. He is now sitting in a jail in the Spectane system, and the death penalty is captured by prisoners, recently hanging the doomsday Communist leader Shoko Asahara.

The civil disobedience movement ended in the last week as an absurd claiming to be the board chairman of the board. The Renault board in France voted to keep it as CEO. Due to the lack of evidence in the case, it has been temporarily changed. On Monday, the meeting assessed whether Mitsubishi Motor Company decided to dismiss him as chairman.

Josen has appreciated José's return from Nissan's successor. But he was afraid of the method of "killing the cost". Nissan went out with thousands of employees and the workers shut down for their lifelong job.

Over the course of two decades, Gosnan shook off the civil disobedience of the Nissan. Strengthening women in management roles and spreading the car design and marketing. He was forced to seize stockholders known as "robbery". If he needed more security, he went ahead with courage.

Gosnan was the "payer" presidency when he took home salaries several times as a chairman of Toyota Motor Corporations. Even in the top companies, laborers get job even for ordinary workers. His position as an icon is proven, he is a manga or comic book.

Staff worked hard to accomplish crucial goals and guided Nice to Gasson. Honors the Japanese culture and visits factory levels in Kimono, California, Company consumes noodles in cafés.

Davis, Switzerland's most famous Elite, Red-carpet and Cannes show at Cannes Film Festival.

His business aperture and his celebrities brought him the Rock Star status on auto shows. Nisan's insinuation and inspiration. One worker said, "Gos is described as a great Bose, a precise, communicative, and morbid understanding.

There are allegations that Goss has been reported by the Japanese media. But Nissan spent the years in Paris, Rio de Janeiro and Amsterdam.

Nissan's CEO Hiroto Saikawa portrayed the suspicious behavior of his boss as a fraud, saying that he had so much power and that he had lavished a lot on Nissan's success.

"It's hard to write onto the words, but I'm seriously guilty of that," said Saikua after the arrest of Gozzan in the evening.

Born in Brazil, where Lebanese grandfather was seeking his fortune, Goshen became a baby in Beirut. He was a Maranite Christian, earned a very strong Jesuit education, and then pursued higher studies in France, acoustic polytechnic, and Ico de Minas.

He started with a tire auto industry. In Brazil, he worked in the mid-factory factory in mid-20s, before taking over the responsibilities of the South American companies in Brazil. Before switching to the Renault SS, he was CEO of North American Operations by Michael.

In 2006, Britain won the award.

Lebanon boasted of his success, and last year issued a memorable postage stamp in his parody. In France, there are government stocks in the runway, and often with top leaders.

The refusal to adhere to tradition has received huge prizes for the promotion of mass cultural resources and a permanent "external" identity. A 2003 autobiography is titled "Citone du Monde" and "Citizen of the World". "

"It's out of order because someone of the past choices does not find you," said Ghose in an interview with The Associated Press in 2005. "It helps when the company is in crisis."

Some investigating agencies have revealed that the allegations of conflict between Renol and Nisash will benefit Google. The French media reported that Gosnan was arrested for setting up a group led by Saïqua.

The French government expressed deep concern over the future of the Renault-Nissan alliance.

The damage was felt at the night of Gosnan's arrest at the Tokyo Ambassador in Tokyo. Former former Renault former chairman Luis Schwitzer, appointed by Tokyo in 1999 in Tokyo, was today an observer.

Champagne glasses are trapped, but the winter is not easy.

That would be disastrous if Gosson's legacy could be lost by diversification and globalization through the sale of industry-leading Renault Nisan Mitsubishi partnership. Janet Lewis, Asia's Head of Industrial Research, managing director of MacQuarie Capital Securities in Tokyo

"What made him do something very hard for an internment," she said. I enjoyed considering the multinational character of the Senior Management Team in Nisan. I think working together with people of different backgrounds can get a good job. "


Yuri Kagayama in Tokyo, Elayin Kurtbank of Bangkok and Sina Karam in Beirut.

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