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Nintendo's controversial creators are shutting down the program

Nintendo Creator Program, which attempted to moderate what the content of YouTube is shutting down next year. Nintendo games will have a guide that can have a great effect on how you view online.

Three years after the controversial event, the program will end on 20 March 2019. In a Nintendo statement:

We end the Nintendo Creator Program (NCP) to make it easy for content creators to create and monetize videos contained in Nintendo Game Content. We will not ask the creators to submit our videos to the NCP, and the creators will continue to show their interests to your developers by following the guidelines of Nintendo.

These guidelines can be found here, there are some interesting things. The majority of these are legitimate legal futures, and I have found this second thing relevant in my specific circumstances:

We encourage you to create videos that include your creative input and grammar. Videos and images that Nintendo's game content might see may not be allowed without Christian inputs or comments. However, without additional input or description, you can post game videos and screenshots using the Nintendo system features such as the Nintendo or Switch Capture button.

I have a five-year-old child Poor Using Nintendo Games, footage footage like when he was allowed to use YouTube Super Mario Odyssey One of the things that we allow him to see. On one condition: He's playing the game directly, interpretations, autobiographies and inappropriate language and some bad experiences thanks.

My job is here. I can see Loads Footage games, sometimes check things, and sometimes gifs gif and screenshots, and I love to do with silent silence. If you try to prevent this, whether it's legitimate or anything else to carry out these rules, it seems to be an incredible productivity.

Those who are more interested in games streaming can easily find things. Some strict rules about how Nendendo can be created as part of their games development program in 2017, but now they are gone, the only guide lines containing previously recorded content and live broadcasts are all major sites).

Oh, that's the final time, I think Smash This week's disadvantages:

You can only use the official release of the Nintendo game or the Nintendo (such as Production Trailers or Nintendo Directs) that you can use only at official promotional material.

If you want, you can read the full guidelines here.

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