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New Canada's Food Guide explained: Goodbye four food groups and provide irrigation to sizes


The federal government dramatically introduces a new simple approach this week promoting plant-based foods boosting meat-milk milk emissions, boosting the Food Guide.

For the past four decades, Health Canada has advised Canadian to suggest that Canada has "special food throughout four food groups" in the context of a rainbow in Canada. However, the new guide launched today, not only the relationship with the four groups but it also avoids distribution of all numbers and sizes. It replaces the "rainbow" with the new symbol: a plate.

Here are some of the biggest changes in the new Food Guide.

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Now there are four meal groups

Since they were making their debut in the Canada Food Guide in 1977, there were four food groups that remained unchanged this week. Milk and milk products. Meat and almonds cereal products; Fruits and vegetables.

On Tuesday, a new guide introduced by Health Minister Jeanette Petitapes Taylor, cuts the groups into three. The message of that change is clear: eat more plants, reduce meat and milk. The rest of the groups: fruits and vegetables; Cereals Proteins – Pluton-based proteins, like a new umbrella, tofu and chickpeas, combined with fat and flesh. In the "protein" category, meat and milk are also emphasized. "In protein foods, often based on the plant," says the guide. Vegetables, fruits, cereals, plant based proteins, etc. will adversely affect health. It is caused by cardiopulmonary illness, colon cancer and type 2 diabetes.

This waste was abolished and the dairy industry has strongly opposed these industries. In 2017, according to The Globe report, meat industry and healthcare providers have provided health care to ensure health care. Earlier this month, the representative of Albert Beef's producers told Tom Lynch-Stanton Globe that it was "dangerous" to equip the meat with protein-based proteins.

A statement in Canada's diary farmers also points to this. Warned that such a move would be "harmful to future long-term health" by causing a negative impact on local dairy farmers.

A less specific approach

The new guide turns out to be a notable simple image: half the fruits and vegetables are rich in food and the rest is divided into whole grains and proteins. The story is a brief story of healthy Canada: the diet of half the fruits and vegetables and half of the two remaining.

Specific instructions have been made for eating a certain number of service exercises across each group. There is also a great deal of information about the different types of food on the server site. "We've heard from Canadian and partners [on the previous guide] It's very hard to use, it's very hard to use, "said Hassan Hutchinson, director general of the Nutrition Policy and Promotion Office in Canada Canada.

According to a new set of fruits and vegetables, the department is aiming to "make your real and functional guide in your everyday life". "He added that more profits will be added later, to health care sectors, foodgrains and institutions that need guidance on developing food habits)

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Drink water!

The proposal for promoting Canadians Their "chocolate" is meant to meet two objectives: to increase the amount of water and limit the consumption of sugar and alcohol. "In 2015," said Guidade, "Sugar Drinks are the main sources of sugar in the Cantonese food and average daily consumption of children and adolescents."

Previous versions of the Canada Food Guide have been recommended as a healthier way to give a hundred percent fruit juice. But the new version adversely affects this method – even though there is a huge lobbying from the seminal product, the globe reports. The new guide is 100% permit juice labels as a "sugar drink" for dementia, overweight and type 2 diabetes.

The new guide also introduces new warnings about new drinking. Alcohol and the guide say, "The diet has a lot of calorie intake with nutritional value". Alzheimer's is also associated with the increase in some cancers such as liver and vegetarians.

Eat some processed foods

In the past, when Canada's food guides were at the forefront of food, a new edition included a new warning that sodium, free sugar, saturated fat, productive, productive and prepared foods should not be eaten.

"In recent years, the availability and consumption of high-product products has increased significantly," says Gaidin. This change is linked to obesity, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and some cancers.

Examples of this processed food listed in the guides are muffins, hot dogs, frozen pizza, chocolate, and soda. Eat food that is usually eaten by a "sausage prepared", including a restaurant or sodium, sugar, and saturated fat.

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A new emphasis on dietary behavior

In the new Canadian Guidelines, it includes the advice on the behavior of healthy eating: "Remember food habits," "buy more food," "eat food", "eat food" and others.

Canada's CEO Natalie Saooy, in a statement, said in a statement, "What the new Canadian Food Guidelines say about a broader approach." Canada is what people should eat and how they should eat. "

Canadian Medical Association and the "Guidelines" of the new Guid were exhausted. "CMA", "CMA President Dr Gigi Osler said," The new guide is to make sure that it is based on evidence-based revisions and research in statutes that define a broader negotiation process. "

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