Wednesday , October 5 2022

New allegations against Nissan Carlos Gos


The Japanese prosecutor has again arrested Nissan Motor Company chairman Carlos Gosnan for $ 16.6 million in losses on Nissan Nissan.

The decision was taken after Tokyo court rejected the application of prosecutors to extend the prison sentence. On Friday, the accused was released on bail.

To re-arrest, Tokyo is languishing in jail for at least 10 days. Last month was arrested. He was arrested on initial charges of financial distress.

The new allegations are due to the allegations that Gossan had moved the automobile company into private trades in October 2008. The prosecutor said the Tokyo Prosecutor said that it would suffer 1.85 billion yen ($ 16.6 million).

His lawyer, Motonary Otsuru, is not available. The attorney appeared before the court following an anticipatory bail application.

Apart from Gosnner, Greg Kelly's lawyer Gosnan has demanded a release from former deputy posts. Goose's custody extended from Khol's prison

Dramatic events took place through Gosnan through his lawyer. The Japanese public broker NK quotes a pledge to restore his good name to the court and make a news conference after the release.

"It is unacceptable for them to do so," he said. "Listen to my position and I should restore my honor in court."

In November 2010, Gossan was arrested first. He was arrested on the basis of his estimate of five years' assets since 2010.

The televised camera, released from Tokyo jail on Friday morning, is expected to see Gosnn.

The Ghosh case was based on an international scrutiny of the criminal justice system in Japan. Criticisms of some objections are also being prevented from long-term detention and preventing defense lawyers from being tried.

Gozan's arrest for a leader was a dramatic decline to save Nissa from the debt trap.

Nissan's chief executive Hirato Zykova has been forced to miss the Renault Suisse Control.

(Kyoshie Tunaka, Ritzo Ando, ​​Tim Kelly, Linda Seig, Wrightco Ado, Writing Allison Williams, Christopher Chucking)

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