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New: A group of Japanese children edited by Jean are working in China

HONG KONG – The claim of a Chinese scientist that created the world's first jean-edited children (everywhere in the world) is this:

7:30 pm

A medical team helping young children to be edited in the world ordered the government of China to stop working.

Science and Technology Vice-Vice Minister Suku Nanipi said that this was the first time that the twin babies were born. The work of the team is unnecessary and unacceptable, he said. The inquiry was ordered.

Jiankyuki, a researcher of DNA recuperator, says: "AIDS virus, Universities and government groups are investigating the mainstream scientists have tested the experiment.

There is no independent confirmation about what he said. He said the second pregnancy will continue.

At 1:30 pm

As a researcher, a scientist has announced that one of the leading scientists has been trying to make consistent changes in the DNA of future generations.

Hong Kong scientists are participating in an international conference in Jean Editing this week. Try to correct the code of your life or prevent the disease.

Scientists on Thursday said that scientists have been helping scientists who are already born, but are yet to experiment with eggs, sperm or embryos.

The first conference of the Chinese researcher to help young children who edited the world's first gene was born earlier this month.

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