Friday , September 30 2022

Nashmu asks for safe water


A large cyclonic storm caused severe damage to Thursday, according to the BBC.

The city of Noni'o says that a cool and potent hydroelectric plant can affect the water and can not produce water.

Nanayo Mayor Leonard Crogg said that a generator was defeated at the plant. Part of the power was queued to retrieve the power, but it still maintains mechanical issues.

"This is an important issue for the city and its citizens," said Krög.

It has a population of 105,000.

The city is safe to drink, but the city says it should be protected for fire. No one knows when the generator is restored.

Nannimo, b. C. A strong storm on Vancouver island. The city has been asked to save water due to power failure. (Twitter / NickBoykiw)

City baths and arsenals will be closed until next notice. He said the bathroom's bathroom was not used by the bathroom and the city's corruption can not be cleaned.

Meanwhile, people in Salt Spring Island have caused drinking water and lost damaged trees.

Until the irrigation project was reinstated, water was boiled with a water for the Fernard side of the Highland-Ferruver Water System.

Those living in the area should have more drinking water. This community has a population of 10,700.

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