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NASA is also a symbol of petroleum development in the Arctic Ocean


Anchor, Alaska – The Federal Agency for Offshore Petroleum Leasing Supervision of the Arctic Ocean A Source for Nurse – NASA.

It was reported that Alaska's energy desk bureau of ocean energy management had decided to sell it at the Beauforest sea at 2019.

The Beautet's Sea Controlling Rigge has launched its launch range from its rocket range to NASA.

Space Administration funds poker flat research range outside Fairbanks. Alaskas University has handled the high-latitude rocket size for decades.

"We're researching aerora research," said Pooker Flat Director Kothah Rich.

Launching rockets launching asteroids will be launched.

"If we look at something very north it's going to land on one of the Beaufort sea or Arctic ocean," said Ritch.

From April, NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center wrote to the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management. 70 rocket parts are believed to have landed in the Beauforth Sea in the 1960s.

NASA has announced that future oil and gas will be developed in the Beaufort Sea.

NASA said that as scientists today use high-end rockets, they can pass into the Beaufort.

He said the rockets would not be destroyed if it collapsed. If they think people or infrastructure will be at stake, scientists will not open them. Further Beaufort Sea Operations are likely to limit the research potential.

"The downstream area that we have is the kind of thing we need to get rid of it," Rich said. "So nothing can be avoided because it's not possible, and that will generate us some launch opportunities."

NASA and the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management are expected to reach the deal. Research is important because the aura is like the visible light of the Sun's energy. That energy affects cellular communication or electrical grid

The bureau spokesperson John Kallahan is a cooperating agency with NASA to find the best options.

"We're excited that they have brought us to tell us about safe work in Beaufort," said Kalamahan. This is a good example of good communication between federal agencies.

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