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MVP became the Microsoft World in 2018


Apple's surrounding Facebook (surrounded by Blake) continues to be a critical tool for Apple's price hike and a modernization process. Their creator, Alex Johns, can be compared to the fake news and win the winners before winning.

That company is Microsoft.

He was flourishing in 2014 after CEO Saty Nadella, who was headed by Bill Gates, who was headed by Steve Ballmer.

Microsoft's growth was not the result of Windows 10 dominance. Nadella's head, in addition to the Microsoft port and butter operating system, has diversified its portfolio, and it is much more profitable and more profitable to connect with our life like cloud and "edge" computing.

Microsoft is not the only thing that has ever been successful over the years, but also in enterprises and services. Within 365 days, Microsoft's serverframe computers have always meant class-wide devices. It has adopted iOS and Android platforms; Xbox can access more from its hard gaming base; Open source community welcomed; Even more.

With many successes under the belt this year, Microsoft did not shrink as the world's most valuable trading firm.

Company transitions are always challenging, but this year the rise of Microsoft really existed. In the absence of a clear identity – even in its Windows Legacy, the last and failed attempt failed. If I want to cook it, I say that Microsoft and Google have become one of the best. Its main camp is DNA, hardware and software, connectivity that connects them.

A future behind Windows

Microsoft is one of many pillars of Microsoft.

Microsoft is one of many pillars of Microsoft.

Image: Miles Gaelic / Mashable

Billmer clutter for Windows, and how many devices will pass through. But things do not look like Nadeena.

Whether it is steelwork or not Bill Gates or Tim Cook, Nadella does not know how to skate matures.

In Microsoft's build developer conference this year the world is a computer.

An intelligent service that access users from anywhere can be invested in Microsoft's cloud, AI, and connectivity through this awareness of a computing switch from a local box.

Nadella knows that Windows 10 is a great product and is always a major troll of Microsoft, but Azure, Chatbots, Microsoft 365, "Intelligence Edge" (or just Edge Computing) and the nodes distributed on a network are being held.

To allow its introduction to Windows, it lets you limit its aim in some areas of Microsoft and its services provide users with services like Where and on iOS and Android. The old Microsoft failed and failed to provide service on other platforms. But the latest Microsoft I have given very large apps for competing platform like the Outlook app for the amazing Outlook app.

Go to top of the surface

Microsoft's surface equipment has been a hit this year.

Microsoft's surface equipment has been a hit this year.

Picture: raymon d wong / mashable

The first surface-to-air display was Microsoft's launch in 2012, The following year the Surface Pro has been released with complete Windows. Unfortunately, the operating system was such a problem.

This was just before the 2-in-1 Tablet Laptop Hybrid vision. The surface Pro 3 and 4 began to get the form factor ready Hold it Thanks to Windows 10, you can replace your laptop.

Last year, Microsoft announced to the development of a family of surface brands when Surus Pro (2017), the surface of the laptop, the Surface 2, and the Surface 2 studio, revealed. They were good tools, but few were in glory.

Not this year.

Microsoft has released Hard. Laptop 2 is the best laptop of the year. The Surface Pro 6 Laptop replaces the 2-e laptop. Sparling Studio 2 for Surgeons professional professionals is a very attractive desktop.

The lineup is the best Microsoft Output. Faithful are enjoying new Cortana-equipped surface headphones.

It is superficial, and in my opinion, it is bad. However, portability or LTE deserve more energy than energy, which is quite inactive.

Microsoft has never been the most powerful hardware manufacturer ever. But this year, Apple, Google and HP are the best downgraded uppercase family.

It has disappeared forever, but on the surface, all of them must take seriously.

Xbox Expands

Now the Xbox is more than a console.

Now the Xbox is more than a console.

Picture: Adam Röbenberg / Mashbuck

Microsoft is aimed at compressing a solid game console on the console to the console as a replacement for all-home interface.

Console wars are great to watch because every generation is rejected by three (Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft). Instead of fighting against Sonny's PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch Head-On, Microsoft's box was opened to readers.

For PC Its knowledge from the world has been used to issue new legs to Xbox. Console received official keyboard and mouse support. Microsoft also developed a special Xbox adaptive controller for deployment of platforms for people with disabilities.

Exclusive games may be interesting to you than Xbox, PlayStation 4, but this year Xbox went for everyone.

More developer friendly

Buying GitHub was a way for court developers.

Buying GitHub was a way for court developers.

In the past, Microsoft was trapped in a tunnel. It was Windows Everywhere Or anything.

He explains that the moment when Nadella takes over, he is no longer a Windows company. Microsoft reorganized it, it was much more open, more developer-friendly. The first priority is to attract developers to create applications and experiences on multiple platforms rather than Silos to Windows.

Microsoft has been granted $ 7.5 billion to buy the world's largest repository githab for open source code and projects. Microsoft and eight destinations have failed.

Microsoft is a developer company. Joining in the GitHub Troops, the developer strengthens our commitment to freedom and openness and modernization. "Nadella said while Microsoft announced that GitHub could be achieved.

In everything, GitHub's acquisition of the latest Microsoft is ready to accept tactile tricks, fast-paced, and fail – just like how Google works.

Crime in 2019

In 2019, the head of state Panos Panek has more split.

In 2019, the head of state Panos Panek has more split.

Microsoft does not slow down the 2017 2017 development. But surface equipment may be improved (perhaps more affordable), and Microsoft's commitment to Azor Cloud and online services will increase. The office is set up to restore using the Fluent Design language.

We have seen some of these movements recently. Microsoft has its Edge Browser from its own proprietary web rendering engine, switching from the same technology based on Google Chrome power, and "Simple," "Next Year," or "Better Compatibility for Everyone," creating simple test matrix for web developers. "

Some Pandits are afraid of losing competition, and if the Chromium allows the monopoly to expand further in the web browser market, the switch will now allow the Edge to bring unpandoned platforms like MacOS and Chrome OS. It's a victory for everyone.

Microsoft's new holens also seem to be getting a new life in the new year. HoloLens has become disappointed by the users as a mixed reality headset, and Google seems to have shifted Microsoft's enterprise as Google for Google Glass 2.0. According to the US military's $ 480-million contract, 10000 helllen headsets will be trained.

At the end of 2019, Microsoft has been launching a low cost disc-expo expo and Microsoft's successor to Xbox One SX and One X. For the next Xbox, rumors have already begun. Protection xCloud, Xbox games streaming on any supported device is expected to launch in 2019 as a Netflix service.

This year, the comet has been locked in the chief executive seat. Microsoft's future is as low as the slowdown.

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