Thursday , October 28 2021

More than 600 payment test results have been delayed due to software error


Software error for over 600 patients was delayed last year.

Between November 2017 and 2018, a failure in Teles Health Med Access Software was delayed to 163 doctors in 70 provinces affecting 615 patients.

Teles informed that this topic was discovered by the end of October. Last month, the Center for Health data was also associated with it.

According to Health Minister John Haggai, the patient has not been affected by a health problem that has no indication of the results. There was no verification in the test.

This delay is unacceptable, he said. About 1.515 people were interviewed and only 615 people were affected.

This bug was also impacted in Nova Scotia, Alberta, BC, and Saskatchewan.

This issue has been fixed till November 20.

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