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Montana editorial roundabout | National Post

Minuliaan, November 28, should be broken down in Montgomery puppet mills:

When the Montana Assembly rejoined again in January, lawmakers will have another crackdown on the need to pass a passage of years ago. At this time, they must take action to stop abuse of animal husbandry.

Similarly, Montana is not in a position to control "starving mills". Large uncontrolled fodder in unhealthy beasts are sold to unhealthy purchases for unhealthy animals. In the past, monastans in the West have been uncontrolled breeders who preferred the care of their animals in a county.

Law enforcement When you have to catch animals and capture animals, they pay food taxpayers and eat with them, and hook to cover all costs associated with veterinary careers.

The Moroccan Cost of Care Law provides some relief for tax payers. Owners of non-bailable questions will be asked to post a bond containing the costs of their care. The Monthly Association of Counties recently passed a resolution.

However, if the previous legislative sessions are any indications, that proposal is going upwards. It only touches one side of this problem.

If the lawmakers were allowed to pass this law, along with the brutality, and their taxable factors – the compassion and compassion. However, they should look briefly to ban countless breeding activities known as crystalline mills that help cut off the cost to prevent the misuse of animals that are being used to prevent abuse of animals.

The application was filed for the draft bill of St. Daniel Saloman, R-Ronan and Bill in the footsteps of Tom Faisy, Wilson Republican Sen and Nelsus Swandel for the Missile Democrat Sen. They have been firing in the past to try to consider bigger breeders. In the latest sessions, Rups have been offered similar bills such as Willis Curti, D Missoula, Greg Herts, R-Paulson, who require commercial dogs and cat breeds. . The violators have stopped the penalty and repeated violators. Their two bills were killed in the committee.

No matter how much concessions the members assure the members to not be affected by their industries, any new bills may be incurred against the opposition from the Montenegro Growers Association. Remember, the majority states already have similar laws in places, including Texas and Cattle States like Texas.

Allowing bad breeders to stay in business is not only cruel, but also a weakness for all the good breeders in the bout. The fierce stories of sick, hungry dogs, dogs, birds, and horses should avoid popularity. Dozens badly behaved animals do not have to pay thousands of dollars to county taxpayers due to unexpected food and veterinary bills.

The Mandeia can now be imposed for a thousand rupees or a year of imprisonment or a two animal cruelty. But dozens of dogs removed from a single surgery need to pay $ 1000 a day.

Last year, 37 dogs and four mini-horses saved him in a flat for Flathead County. A dog had to suffer immediately, but the rest of the animals received veterinary care that they needed to capture the Flathead County Animal Shelter.

More than 120 animals, including six asses, 53 puids and 60 parks, were seized from a suspicious drug in Lincoln County.

Prior to that, 130 small short-lived spots were rescued from the school in Leck by a puppy.

This will continue – monetary financing will be paid – until our MLAs block it.


Bosman Daily Chronicle, November 27, George Kamemidijov, American Computer Museum,

Neil Armstrong has to pay off from where the American computer museum is still in its previous form. George Keremdehweig, who founded the museum with his wife Barbara, the first person to walk on the moon should see his desire to collect the underlying techniques.

The museum is attracted by such a visitor.

George Kreeded Jivi passed away after surgery. Even if he goes, his contributions to protecting the history of the time will live, and he will come here in the tradition of Bobanan. His museum became a doodle for technologies around the world. His George R. Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple's Apple designed by Steeitz, was awarded the renowned biologist EO. Wilson.

More than the founder of a highly respected museum, Keremedjiev was a type of modern renaissance man, love and music for everything. At the age of 10, he arrived from Venezuela to the United States with his parents in Russia, but was unable to speak English, and became a gradual educator of his high school class. He made a successful technical and training consultancy business and gave him as much freedom as he wanted. He selected Boseman for our big fortune.

Engage in his passion for his busy career – the history of human communication. He carefully cautioned the telegrams sent by civil war general generals to a guide computer from the pages of Shakespeare's original philosophers for the Apollo Space Program.

Today, the American computer and robotics museum, which is not just a tourist stop, has attracted scholars and industries from the digital age. The museum also has an important role in attracting professionals and professionals in the industry and bringing high-payment and clean-industry jobs to the southwest monta future.

With the passage of Keremedjiev, this year the rest of the museum will be closed. When you open up that experience that you have not already experienced, you need to create a point that you visit.

They rejoice in what they have done.


Bourgeois Gazette to Defend the Montan Laban Influenza, November 25,

The Spanish influenza pandemic during the 1918-1919 period saw the deaths of 500 million people worldwide. More than 50 million people, including 675,000 Americans, were killed. In Montana, severe respiratory ail and related pneumonia, killing 4,200 people between September 1918 and June 1919. Of these, 254 are in Yellowstone County, 63 in Rossbud and 118 for Kateer 118.

The only hospital for pandemic billing was in Vincent Hospital. In October 1918, Red Cross established an emergency surgery hospital in northwestern street and buildings high school.

"Modern Science and Public Health does not intend to drive down the risk of infection and death." Three Montaña public health professors wrote about the pandemic pandemic system in London's 2018 by Madrid in the Western History of Monte. Todd Harwell, Dr. Grig Holmesman, Dr. Along with Steven Helgersen, numerous epidemiological diseases of 1918 experienced. 1,104 smallpox, 179 typhoid fever cases, 309 diphtheria and 12,086 coir boards. Influenza reporting is not required until the pandemic hit.

Are we ready to stop pandemics now?

According to an article published in the New York Journal of Medicine, a virus like an influenza on a recent exercise in the Jones Hopkins Center with health problems makes it possible to kill 15 million Americans a year. Ron Klein says that parameters like influenza in 1918 will take more than 24 hours for the virus to move to Paris or Washington, Beijing and Riyadh.

Despite the threat of pandemics, there are more weapons used in the medical field:

– observation.

– Vaccine.

– Anti-viral medications.

– Antibiotics.

– A strategic National Stockman with influenza vaccines and anti-viral machines, which are rapidly distributed in poor hawthorns like 2009 HINI epidemics.

"We now have many advantages and they did not." The first world war was not because they did not know what had happened and we had vaccines and anti-viral medicines, "said Harwell, head of the Montana Public Health and Safety division in Helena. Harwell, Helgarson and Jim Murphy, head of the Monthan Communicative Dissection Bureau recently talked about influenza defenses in a Gazette phone interview.

The serious 1918 infections of the infected young ones are among the youngest of the adults. When the authorities realized that there was a problem, it was a pandemic – a huge infection worldwide.

We are the world's largest surveillance network. "There is worldwide collaboration to find out as fast as possible."

"Last year was a bad time," Murphy said, with about 80,000 deaths in Flu and Monaco across the country 79. The last of 11 counties from Mizo to Roosevelt last week confirmed 31 cases.

"The most important thing in the horizon is the introduction of international flu vaccines that cause more stress," Harwell said.

Vaccines are not perfect. For one thing, they should be given annually. Because the vaccine is grown as eggs, the production will take six months. Scientists believe that flu seasons will occur every year in October-March. If this trend is proven to be wrong, the vaccine will become less effective and more likely to get sick.

In recent years, the vaccine has been provided, and former Montana State Secretary Steven Helgerson said. Many workers now work on flu shots. Drugs offer flu shots. "We want it to be as convenient as possible," said Helserson.

Defense is still hard selling for all research and knowledge gained in the past century. Although vaccine has been recommended for more than 6 months, Montance will receive about half a yearly flu shots.

The state and federal lawmakers should also emphasize the defense. Often, the risk of research, development and development of aid is behind the tragedies and disaster – public health and awareness, though life and money are protected by adequate investment.

Centuries ago, many of the leaders in Montana (their nation-states) had minimized or ignored the threat of death threats. If history has taught us, we must understand that protecting the health of people is the basic responsibility of our government. The lawmakers and the public health number will not sell.

Dear guest readers, save yourself from the flu. Wash your hands often, sneeze and burden in your hands and stay home if you are sick.

Helsselson said: "Modern influenza can collaborate together to prevent infectious diseases."


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