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Missing missing NT The RCMP believes that they believe they are airliner

Two missing pilots have been killed since the flight was not diagnosed, RCMP said.

The King Air 200 flight from Air Yellow, based in Yellowstone-based aircraft, The accident occurred on Wednesday morning. The pilots were on board.

After a flight was found on the plane near NVT, there was no fate of the pilots.

A spokesman for the Royal Canadian Air Force David Lavelay said. Lawali said that Canadian rangers from Bahçok could not reach the area because of snowfall and climate.

The plane was reportedly crashed by the plane crew of the Air Force.

We could not do anything good at night.– Al Martin, Air Typing President

"We're in the morning with our emergency response team," Martin said.

"Today we could not do anything."

The accident happened with the help of the police and the help of the NVT. Coroner's Office and Transport Safety Board (TSB).

The investigation team visits the site to collect information and evaluate the incident.

Alfred Bevergo, head of the Canadian rangers at the CBC News, said: "The plane was found near the side benzo nevnt. (CBC)

Hammer the weather

The flight was routed from 9 am to 9:30 pm on Tuesday. Wednesday weight was 24 to 32 kilometers.

The RMP contacted the air raid around the summit, Lawali said. The C-130 fleet flew from Winnipeg to Hercules was sent by the Canadian Rangers Scumolee.

Running back in the morning and afternoon, the Rangers will come back to Vatti, extract more gas into the search, continue searching, Rangers SGte said. Alfred Beaver.

The aircraft started searching in the afternoon. However, they reported seeing the plane.

According to the Environment Canada, snow fell on Wednesday morning. We tried to look bad weather, "said RCMP.

The driver was suspended after the incident.

The C-130 Hercules flight from the Canadian Armed Forces will operate Thursday in the Yellowlife Airport. Hercules was sent from Winnipeg to search for the disappearing chartered aircraft in the northwest territories. (Randal McKinsey / CCC)

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