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Meteor Founder Taruna Bourque: Now & # 39; s Not Accepted & # 39;

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Tutu Burke told TEDWomen Conference

The founder of the My Movement said that the campaign against sexual violence a decade ago was "unidentified" to her.

Speaking at TEDWomen in Palm Springs, Taruna Burke said, "It's a media hysterical hunt.

"Soon thereafter, a movement to escape the center of sexual assault was a fraudulent conspiracy against men.

"The oppressed listen and mock."

In 2006, these words were written as a way to start an action plan to do something about sexual abuse she had seen in her community.

In the context of the allegations against Hollywood producer Harvey Wyniste, this sentiment became a hashtag used globally last year. However, Burke says it is ignoring those who helped it.

"My vision of controlling me is part of a collective vision to see a world that is abstaining from sexual abuse," she said at the TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) conference.

"She says," The wounds will turn younger about the rape of every girl and every year of each year, "she says.

Bret Kavanagug was accused of sexually abusing, but when incidents like the Supreme Court were elected, he said, "US politicians have turned away from this problem.

"This movement is called a watershed moment, but I've been fighting for a few days, and all the evidence is objectionable," she said.

They ended their leaks and forced the victims to resolve their troubles for the fight to continue "power and privilege".

"We and our children should be convinced that the power and privilege should never be taken to the extent that we should use it to serve and use it," she said.

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