Wednesday , September 28 2022

Mars lander sets the planet on the red surface of the planet


An earthquake monitor was found on a dusty red surface on NASA's new Mars lander.

Tuesday's missile was removed from the robotic armies spacecraft and monitored by the Earth's earthquake.

Project manager Tom Hoffman called this milestone "a scary Christmas manifestation."

This was the first time a robot arm was experimenting on the surface of Mars. At NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, there is a reduction in flyburn and is still making a floating level of float.

The French-shaped Saysometer Station is 5 feet (1.6 m) lower than the lander.

In this file received from NASA, the Intet's robotic-hand mounted instrument voice cameras camera is in December 2018, the Deck of the Marshall on the Marsian surface of Elysium Planitia.


HO / AFP / Guest Images

Next month, the Insight's arm will cover the wind on the seismometer and another experiment will be launched. Estimating heat generation to Mars, up to 16 ft (5 m) of Mars to measure internal temperatures.

"Deployment of seismometer is important not only because the inset is on Mars," said Jupl's Bruce Bannard, an eminent scientist. Three of our scientific goals have to be completed in three quarters.

When the size of GeoStatus starts, Bacon decides to open a bottle of champagne.

Mars got down on Mars in the Martian atmosphere on Tuesday.

Insight lander on Mars's surface Tuesday, December 11, 2011, this collective picture of NASA was made available. Insight lander photographer used his long robot to take a picture of the images attached to a selfie.

NASA / JPL-Caltech via AP

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