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Mailbag: Central division race, trade in blackhome straps

Dan Rosson's Weekly Mail Bag version of 28 works every Wednesday. If you have a question, tweet it in @drosennhl and use #OvertheBoards.

Which team of the Central Division of the Play Deposition think you are the best chance to end the season with Mizoram Wild, Colorado Avalanche, Winnipeg jets and Dallas Stars? Or do they all think so? (Nachvell Petraitors do not include any opportunities). – @ Ser_Rob0TroN

The Central Division consists of five teams in Stanley Cup Playoffs. I foresaw that it would happen. I said it would be St. Louis blues instead of Minusota Wild. If the coach finds a way to do things under Craig Berkeb, it can be Blues. It will be Chicago Black Hawks too. The Central Division is the most powerful of the two Western Conference Divisions, and this season has five teams like Xinhua. The seven central division teams had an integrated plus-39 goals difference, including Plus-67 for the plus two (Nashville, Minnesota, Colorado, Winnipeg, Dallas) five teams. The eight Pacific Division teams are minus 59.

Edmonton Oilers, a Pacific division team, can only suggest that trainer Ken Hitchcock can improve their defense and penalty murders.

Will light up the deep team in the Tambas Big League? When do you think when the UDF is the budget? Andrej Palat Will you come back? – @ tblightning491

The best question. I think they are the deepest team in NHL, Nashville predecessors gave their greatest challenge.

When it comes to health, the lightning is a high defense with the Norris Trophy wrestler Victor Headman The best pair, the German star Ryan McDonagh, Anton Stromman And Michael Sergeyev. Blyde Coburn And Dan Girardii High depth defensemen that can benefit if needed. Patiers have a high resistance to being healthy PK Suban, Roman Josie, Ryan Ellis And Mattea Ekkol. Andre Weissles It's a Valies Trophy at Caliber. That is so Pick Up Rene Last year's winners were the Prideers. Louis Domingue Solid is absent primarily in the absence of Vallisvsky. Zulu saros Renny is also a quality backup.

Where the lightning winner is in front, especially their gigantic depth in the middle Steven Stamkus, Brain Pointe, Antony Cirelli And Cedric pump. I think it is the most valuable player of point lighting. Interaction is better with the middle Ryan Johansson, Kyle Tours, Nick Bonnie And Kale JournalBut I think Thampa Bay's center depth is good. Nikita Kucharov The left wing scrolling on the tumblr watch is the right wing. That is so Philip Forsberg With Nashville, but I will take Kucherov in front of him. You must love the lightning Yawn Gowd And Tyler Johnson Playing in the wings. If necessary, they can move in to the middle, but they are clearly effective in the wings. The palette is in the form of a three-time guitar trophy winner printed at Jera Lehtien. J.T. Miller And Alex Kilorne Give some power and scores. You can play Miller Center if needed. These two can travel between lines from the top to the fourth row.

My best guess Adam Ern When the palette arrives, the scene will come out. Paltu Stamkos and Goud are likely to be together. Miller is going to play for Earn, Pank, and Kallahan on the fourth line. Cirillo between Johnson and Kuchorov between points and coins Mathew Joseph.

Is Marc Andre Fleury Is a hall of fame goldener? Otherwise, what should I do if I reach the end of my career? – @ golandsserargo

Fleury is a Hall of Famer in my book. Last season he helped make the Vegas Golden Knight reach the Stanley Cup final. If Starter was the only starter in three of the three runs for Pittsburgh Penguins in 2009, he is the Stanley Cup Champion. Fourth in the list of NHL winners in fourth place Martin Browdor, Patrick Roy, Roberto Longo And Henrik Landkwist. On average, an average of 2.56 and an average of 913 are the best teams in the Caribbean. Fleury, Lundqvist and Luongo must be the Hall of Fame Loks, Fleury won the Stanley Cup.

What do you do in the trade in Chicago, Arizona? The kayot was traded Delan Storm So early? – @ TJRinger1

You sent the forward Diane Storm forward on Sunday afternoon Brendan Perlini Go to Black Hawks to proceed Nick Schmols. For young people (Storm 21, Perlin and 22 each of Schmholts), it seems to be the best thing of Blackhawks. However, the best way to analyze this trade is to determine who is the best player. I feel I've had a coyote. Schumals is the best roof. In the last season, Blackwater scored 52 points (21 goals, 31 assists) Patrick Kane. It's almost enough to score in the NHL level, especially with a top player in his wings. This season the Black Wax farewell (11 points out of 23 matches), but some represition was to be expected. It may be the first stroke of a season. Storm has not yet proved to be an NHL scorer. (Keats scored 16 points from 48 matches). There are also questions about his speed. There are no questions about the scalable speed. Perlini is a second or third player for blacks. But his problem is stable. If he finds his game playing and develops into Strontium No. 2 centers, BlackBox should be happy in their comeback, as they look forward to scoring 70-80 points in the season, as the Scolam progresses in Arizona. Not more. It's never good to keep those parties out, and for this, it's possible for Schumals.

Fans know in Washington capitals Tom Wilson How was he going to become an unpredictable player? How important is his play in the capitals? – @ Jerempe55

General managers met in Toronto on November 13th. Wilson's 20 game suspension reduced to 14 games. Immediately I deserved to play. I'm telling JMN Brian MacLelland that his team is playing flat and Wilson's team's excellence is a proper step and the illegal hijacking should be avoided. "That's the key," he said. "We need it, we were there [lacking energy]. A part of it we are trying to find our way to last year's year, we lose a year and a half of it. "

Capitals of the capital, Wilson, are 7-1-0. Six of the awards have been successful TJ Ooh And Evgeny Kuznetsov, Amazing fame. It has 12 points (six goals and six assists). He has one point in seven of the victories. On November 14, a point could not be won without wasting 3-1 at Winnipeg. His play and style give energy after the team. He is a good scooter, terrorist, coward, strong (6 feet, 4, 218 pounds). If he continues to the right, he will remain a powerful force.

What does Florida Panthers offer? Are They Qualitative or Exposed? Is this a problem? Is it a coaching issue? Problem of a person? Help! – @ themoose0221

I'm in trouble like you. If you look in the range, even in the center of the injured Vincent TreshekIt does not imply that Panthers is 9-9-4 through 22 games. Defense and Golten were problems. Goal Roboto longo suffered injuries. I know he is 39 years old, but you've been hoping to get more out of these nine crores this season. He has been allowed 16 goals in the last three matches. After injuring the knee before the last two matches. Pants can score (3.27 goals per game) and their power performance is good (25.6 percent). If your number is not healthy then 1 goal is difficult to eliminate.

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