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Luke Walton just watched it, but the merchants cheated

Isaiah J Downing-USA Today Sports

Los Angeles Lakers lasted four days in six days and began a strong road map round match against Denver Naggates. The sprain caused by a sprain caused by the sprain of the lotus bowl occurred.

The ball threw it into the second quarter and stabbed Malik Baisley's footsteps. The ball then hit the ball. The balances were quiet and Nages finished fourth.

It extended their lead to seven points. Denver never looked there. Lakers, including Ballon and Rajan Rando, have shown contemporary protests.

They performed well between 5 and 35 with three-point appearances, but they succeeded. Lekerson coach Luke Walton said that the team seemed to have lost the team by the team after the 117-85 defeat. Spectrum Sportnet:

"We did a good job in the first half of the year and our ball was turned off, and we could not do any shots … I think we were giving some fatigue … We thought we were tired and we got out in the first quarter, We've done the best, whether we go up or down I do not know how AMAZING kramikarikkatirunnalum no., And more entrenched. Especially, they persisted and washed apatghattannal. There were boys lying in the wash ankunnunnal. That's why our lung and tried to raise here decurrent a part of our suttrantinre up in the morning. Each team is managed by Guevara We have to deal with it, so it's an excuse for us and we'll get better. "

Nags are done with a 60-39 reboot edge. 48.5 percent shooting will take place compared to 39.1 percent for Lakers. However, Danwell made an effort to score 16 runs.

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