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LSU vs. Texas A & M: Tigers try to explain the questionable calls on the legendary OT loss LSU


LSS fans have a lot of questions on Saturday, which missed Texas's seven overtime.

Let's go through some notable calls and try a few more explanations.

First, the game-end intervention was lifted when the video review was over

The second half of the 47s and Klein Mondal of A. class also tried to play the quarter-finals. That's the hand of a football dropfield. LS has blocked a strong security grant delpit.

It was appearing to end the game. Luca coach Ed Organon bought a gotten bath.

But when the game resumed, the ball fell below the knees. Texas placed a third and second in the A & M 39 and won the game.


LS-Texas A & M: The Mock


"I'm looking again," Delft said later. "When I chose it, I realized his feet were sinking."

In the last four seasons of the fourth quarter, the fourth and 18th matches

That explains here. In a word, the first red line of the SEEPP yellow line is wrong.

Third, the Texas A & M half-off is less than 3 seconds

In the 2013 amendment, NCAA said 3 seconds was "the least time for a game clock to trick the ball to avoid the clock".

But in September 2017, the law has been updated to the NCAA Memo:

"If the clock is left within three or more seconds, the clock referee will start at the signal, the intervention will help the ball to stand up, and if it does not execute correctly, nothing will stop, and the referee signal starts for two or two seconds, just enough time for a game."


LA-Texas A & M


The Texas A & M quarter battery kellan man punched just 2 seconds at a time. After the official review, the referees regulation had a second time left.

After one play, the 19th Tortoise Pan Kuntis played Davis to overtake the game.

"We thought the game was to be from there," said LSSF Senior Structure, End Forserce Morva. "Of course, even if it does not disappear, we must have finished without consulting the game."

"They were back in a second," said the organ. "It seems that they always seem to be in their favor."

Fourth, Texas A & M Current and Erase Jazz Sterberger Did the ball make fun of the first overtime?

In the first over of the first over, A & M's first plate, Texas Sturberger made a catch for the Texas A & M. LLU struck a powerful safety grant delpit ball.


LSU-Texas A & M: Hit


After the review, the authorities alleged that the players were incomplete. After eight plays, the LS has stood a goal to target the player who sent the second overtime.

"Is that a fool when I beat him?" Delpitt was surprised after that. "See all the recoverable items."

Finally, the pass points before the conversion of the A & M game to the two points that were achieved in Texas

During the seventh overtime, the game equaled 72-72 and was the only two players to have won the Texas A & M.

The mantle was thrown into a receiver. He strictly followed the LSS Cornerback Hardy Williams. An official threw a flag, passing a pass to Williams.


LS You-Texas A & M: PI


Williams was penalized for Williams for unofficial behavior.

Two point conversion from LSU 1 was repeated by A & M and completed the game winning game for Kendrick Rogers.

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